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  1. danvar

    6th gen noob!

    When cold it would really make an effort before shifting from 1st to 2nd. Warmed up it would shift normally while driving, but when slowing down and finally coming to a stop the 2nd to 1st change you would get a good kick.
  2. danvar

    Best high beam color?

    I did yellow on the High Beams and got a ticket one week later.
  3. danvar

    6th gen noob!

    Hey sorry to hear about your transmission. Coincidentially I have been having the same problems as you this past week ( That big clunk from 2nd to 1st). At first I thought it was just a bad sensor or something so I decided to go to a friends Transmission shop, which is the best around my area...
  4. danvar

    Post your Coupe w/ civic fog light

    There is a detailed DIY. Just search for DIY Civic Fog an I´m sure it will come out. I did mine using that article.
  5. danvar

    Cloud's 2000 v6 coupe

    Very nice man. Keep it up. :thumbsup:
  6. danvar

    Question for those who have Fog Lights.

    I understand what you guys are saying but I think you dont understand that on the fogs, instead of having the little tube (like a headlight does), to serve as a breather, they actually have a cap blocking the breather. So in other words. The cap is defeating the purpose of having the breather...
  7. danvar

    guage cluster gear indicator lights

    Thats cool man.. Dont get offended. And there´s no need for the words. But the bulbs he is asking about dont come out neither on this link you are providing or on the Sylvania site. So apparently its not that easy to find what he is looking for. Maybe you might want to read his question again...
  8. danvar

    guage cluster gear indicator lights

    With posts like this its no wonder you have 4021 posts. LOL
  9. danvar

    Interesting & Informative info on exhausts

    Hey guys. I was doing some research and I thought I might share this info with you guys. Its a very informative and very well explained thread on exhausts. Enjoy.....
  10. danvar

    Interresting & Informative info on exhauts

    Moved to Engine Mods. Moderators feel free to delete this post. Sorry...
  11. danvar

    Danvar´s 98 Coupe A/T 56K Warning

    Sorry for the double post.... Here it is..
  12. danvar

    Danvar´s 98 Coupe A/T 56K Warning

    Its a cluster thats supposed to go on top of the dash but I used it under the radio instead. When you get this you have to watch that you get the one that holds the gauges straight forward and not with an angle towards the drive. The reason for this is that since these pods are supposed to go on...
  13. danvar

    **Updated 8-30-10**Namboyz 2000 Accord Coupe LX (56k)

    Re: NEW MEMBER =) 2000 Coupe A/T BMW Gunmetal .... Wooowww. really really nice paint :thumbsup:
  14. danvar

    Danvar´s 98 Coupe A/T 56K Warning

    Well...... I knew they were replicas cause I know there was no brand.... but out of curiosity thinking I may have have missed a logo somewhere I took out a tire to make sure. But nope...... no brand. Still love them though.:D
  15. danvar

    Danvar´s 98 Coupe A/T 56K Warning

    Thanks to all... I´d love to get sideskirts and a back lip but I´m a little tight on $$$$ right now.
  16. danvar

    pyaarawala's 98 Accord Coupe EX (56k no...)

    By far the nicest I´ve seen. I like it a lot. :thumbsup:
  17. danvar

    Question for those who have Fog Lights.

    Hi guys. Before installing my fog lights I noticed on the back they each had a little cap were the breather is supposed to be. ( Its a little plastic cap that covers a small screw size opening thru which the lamp is supposed to breathe so it wont fog on the inside). After looking at pics of...
  18. danvar

    The Golden Coupe

    Re: The Wicked One's Gold Coupe (August 08 no 56K) Very nice!!!!!
  19. danvar

    Please help me if im seeing things

    Looks like its for the rear only.
  20. danvar

    Help with noise?

    Nothing to worry about. Mine has been doing it since I got it (2 years ago), and I still havent had any problems.
  21. danvar

    My foglights got owned on

    If I am not mistaken glass.
  22. danvar

    I really really need the 6th gen community's help

    Sounds like poor ground either at the battery or the starter. Could be a loose cable in any of those.
  23. danvar

    Danvar´s 98 Coupe A/T 56K Warning

    Its Black Currant Pearl. Color Code: RP-25P
  24. danvar

    Danvar´s 98 Coupe A/T 56K Warning

    Thanks... both headlights and fogs are 8000k. In the pictures they look a little bluer than what they really are.
  25. danvar

    Danvar´s 98 Coupe A/T 56K Warning

    Thanks to all. Rear lip would definitely look nice but to be honest I cant afford it right now.

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