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    Connie, 2002 EX-V6 Coupe (56K)

    Well that would all be true Rusty if you were making a slam burger on some ebay china knock off suspension, but not every suspension has to be a slammed to the ground useless turd for daily driving. If people would study their spring rates and set up proper dampening or even adjust the...
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    what is this damaged part?

    Looks to me like a "bump stop" inside of a torn or cut dust boot? Normally the little rubber sleeves are the "dust boot" that acts like a shield that helps keeps water and dirt from entering the shaft area. Either way it looks to be old and crusty from the pictures, most newer shocks may not...
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    Connie, 2002 EX-V6 Coupe (56K)

    Yes you can buy a stiffer spring without losing height, I completely understand where you are coming from about needing height to go any where, That is why the Koni Yellows with the valving and dampening set up they have are really nice for daily driving. But the best thing is, they give you...
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    Connie, 2002 EX-V6 Coupe (56K)

    Ok so your color choice for your wheels has grown on me a bit I must say, I went as far the other day to look at how if you really still wanted that color they have they have like a computer system that can scan the color and match it perfectly. They do it with house paints, car paints you...
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    A/C replacement parts

    Here is the cooling unit diagram Here is the compressor diagram and here is all the hoses and...
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    Connie, 2002 EX-V6 Coupe (56K)

    This was my debate when my wife was wanting a suspension for her Accord, she never had a suspension in her life and is not always cautious so you could see why I was hesitant about doing it, but, if you stay pretty reserved then it is completely doable for a daily driver. Trust me I really...
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    2018 accord

    I do not know if anyone is aware yet, but Honda is also offering a 6 speed manual too in the new Accord, so if 10 speeds for MPG is not your cup of tea you have a option that will keep you happy.
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    J30A1 heat soak problem on 1999 Accord? (Stalling on warm starts)

    The problem you are describing is exactly what my GSR did when the fuel filter and injectors were clogging up and causing the pump to work way harder then it needed to. Have you confirmed that all the injectors are spraying a proper atomization pattern and that it is properly firing on all...
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    Connie, 2002 EX-V6 Coupe (56K)

    I completely hear what you mean about a car being too low and running into issues on the daily commute, with construction, potholes and random crap on the road I would never want a slam burger for a daily commute. That is actually one of the reasons I chose to stay some what relaxed when it...
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    2018 accord

    I am simply amazed at how many fear mongering comments about "Change" have been made in this thread... I see so many of you sitting there *****ing about a car that has not come out yet or that you have even drove thoroughly for yourself to make such comments.. To the people bashing it, you...
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    Connie, 2002 EX-V6 Coupe (56K)

    I like the way the 205's fill the wheel well a little bit more, plus that extra width in foot pattern helps add a little bit more bite to the commute, this car looks to me like it should have came with 16's from the start tbh. Something about it just makes the car seem more balanced or...
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    Aftermarket stereo resetting on startup

    The model and make of the head unit you are using might also help some of the other people chime in on your thread.
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    Connie, 2002 EX-V6 Coupe (56K)

    Tires look great, what is the offset of the wheels they are on?
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    condensor fan not turning on

    It is good you found out what the problem was, but now you have got to take it one step further, look for oily residue on or around hoses that attach AC components together. Oily spots may indicate a refrigerant leak. Throw some ultraviolet dye into the system and figure out where that leak is...
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    Gradfien's 99 accord turbo sedan EX (56k)

    In reference to your quote" I like the car it is just too much of a money pit right now I just can't seem to quit modifying." You have got to realize on thing about life, everyone is addicted to something and who out there is not filling some hole of sorts? :) The devil from South Park...
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    Connie almost just got written off (video)

    Haha, good maneuver sir lol, we deal with that kind of mess here all the time. My wife and I always say, if it was not for the good drivers, the bad drivers would be in wrecks every day lol.
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    Frankensteins Official Thread

    I like the time and effort you are putting into breathing some life back into it, I do agree with Connie that is not the best place for intake air temps. Also you might want to plug up the lil crank case vent recirculate tubes on the arm as well if you have not all ready cause all that is doing...
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    Starting issue

    This is a common cause of not bleeding all the air properly out of the cooling system a lot of the time, you need to make sure you have the interior thermostat turned to the heat side so it opens up the heater core as well to allow a proper bleed. Allow the car to get hot enough you hear the...
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    Bad gas mileage?

    There are a lot of factors that can be causing poor MPG, but there is more information needed about the car itself and there is a plethora of information about "tune up's" out there on the good old inter webs already. Anything from worn out injectors not firing correctly, worn plugs, tired...
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    Gradfien's 99 accord turbo sedan EX (56k)

    If you check out mishimotos site, they list all their dementions you seek.
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    Blazinqwickly's 96 DB8 Mistress.

    Rusty you are absolutely right sir ! Also I found this at the hobby shop the other day and could not resist as I do not see them as often as I used to and figure it might be fun to do once the car is actually finished lol. Thankfully I get to paint the color cause fuschia is just not my...
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    Blazinqwickly's 96 DB8 Mistress.

    That is really cool that the Integra is what got you into working on cars, even though you do not have it any more it was your stepping stone into the car world and becoming hands on. It is those kind of events that are priceless because they are life changing even if we do not fully...
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    Blazinqwickly's 96 DB8 Mistress.

    That is pretty sweet man, my first Integra was actually a 00 DB7 10 years ago and before that a Acura Legend which to me shared some of the luxuries as a 6th gen Accord in some aspects.
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    Blazinqwickly's 96 DB8 Mistress.

    You are very right about that, technically this can still be quite a lil sleeper (just not the straight line kind lol) considering the outside has been kept quite relaxed in the looks department, I was even considering when it comes time for paint and body to keep it the OEM green but with a...
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    Blazinqwickly's 96 DB8 Mistress.

    HAHAHAHA! I like your humor, I think you mean "At this rate you'll be at 000.500hp in no time lol."! ;) :henry: It might be a angry lil sewing machine when I am all done with it, might even make a mean pair of Levi's to wear on date night with the wife, J/K :henry: All kidding aside I...

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