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  1. 02CowboyAccrd

    High Mileage 6th Gens

    My 02 sedans got 210k miles on it and still running like a champ...I saw a 97 accord with a little over 400k miles at a dealer the other day, couldnt stop laughing cause he wanted $3000 for it.
  2. 02CowboyAccrd

    Catalytic Converter

    What a coincidence, I just heard a rattling noise this morning, so I took it in to some random auto shop to see what they said and they told me it was my cat. converter. They said it would be $285 installed, dont know the brand, does this sound right? Oh, and sorry if Im jacking the thread...
  3. 02CowboyAccrd

    anyone else have kids?

    Got 1 son and thats it, just turned 13 and I gotta have "THE TALK" with him. I have no idea how much to tell him, I might just give him a Playboy mag.
  4. 02CowboyAccrd

    Issue With Wipers going over the windshield

    lol, you just answered your own question, they rot cause you pay $3.99 on them.....
  5. 02CowboyAccrd

    Black Friday!!

    ^^^^I think he was a greeter, older man too....and yeah, if you are going to Best Buy, you would have eat your turkey dinner and head out there and get in line, if you go like at 3 am you'll be screwed.....
  6. 02CowboyAccrd

    Black Friday!!

    Try working at Toys R Us on Black Friday, I did and let me tell you, Ive never thought people could be so desperate, it was back when Furby came out, I know, Im old, it was like 12 yrs ago, people were just grabbing anything like it was free sh*t. My sister tries to get me to go with her like at...
  7. 02CowboyAccrd

    Socal Sightings!

    Damn MrLazie you must live live on Peck rd, lol, I know you dont, but almost all of your sightings are there. Im gonna start going thru there, see if you find me...
  8. 02CowboyAccrd

    Pix of new headlight setup nd modzzz!

    They look like lemons....
  9. 02CowboyAccrd

    Blue or Purple

    Gold wheels all the way, if youre stuck with this descision, just change them every other week
  10. 02CowboyAccrd

    Forza 2 pics and chat (56k, your choice)

    Ive been playing the past couple of weeks to get ready for Forza 3, Ive noticed that in the auction there are shi**y cars being sold for hundreds of millions credits, dollars, whatever you wanna call them, and I noticed that all these cars have over 100 wins. My son sold his Ferrari F50 with 131...
  11. 02CowboyAccrd

    new to this site. 00 san marino coupe

    Welcome, nice car. Are you from San Marino here in L.A. or are you in Sacramento?
  12. 02CowboyAccrd

    Just my ****in luck

    Why would you throw your bumper on top of your roof like that, youre just making a bigger mess!!
  13. 02CowboyAccrd

    Forza 3 Announced

    I just read that is gonna have that replay type of thing like on "Grid" where at anytime during the race you can press a button and rewind about 10 to 15 seconds and do that part of the race over, mostly when you crash I guess, Im not sure how I feel about that...what do you guys think?
  14. 02CowboyAccrd

    suspended license

    Its probably a form you have to sign stating that you know your license is suspended, Im just guessing though...and I think you have to give them your actual license
  15. 02CowboyAccrd

    Forza 3 Announced

    Forza was great, Forza 2 was even better, I cant wait to play this one...
  16. 02CowboyAccrd


    Wow, youre young, you got a license, and youre a lifeguard, I better not ever see you on here on a Friday or Saturday night!!! Congratulations.
  17. 02CowboyAccrd

    saw this on cb7tuner...

    I thought it might be a bunch of guys messing around at a tire shop until I saw those dirty, rusty spring extenders or whatever theyre called, which means hes had them for a while. Springs look funny as hell though. Shouldve got a Pro Comp lift kit or something.
  18. 02CowboyAccrd

    saw this on cb7tuner...

    awww, poor car. It hurts me just looking at it. Maybe someone should crash into it and put it out of its misery, send it to Honda Heaven...
  19. 02CowboyAccrd

    Socal Sightings!

    Pasadena City College
  20. 02CowboyAccrd

    can you believe this?

    You want the cure for AIDS, just inject the 10 richest men in the world with it and you'll get the cure in no time....
  21. 02CowboyAccrd


    Re: headlights Why didnt you put your bumper back on before you took that picture, for some reason it dont look right. Put the bumper on and take another pic.
  22. 02CowboyAccrd

    Vegas trip (56k.. i dont think so)

    Nice pics, you could make a Las Vegas Brochure.
  23. 02CowboyAccrd

    Your Weightlifting Fails in Comparison

    I do that all of the time with 2 balls almost the same size
  24. 02CowboyAccrd

    Socal Sightings!

    I think Drowzee was talking about his own sighting, but yeah I almost got hit by an idiot in a Lexus racing a BMW and it pisses me off more when I have my son in my car! I look in my mirror see nothing and 3 sec. later they fly by doing more than 100 mph
  25. 02CowboyAccrd

    Socal Sightings!

    Dont mean to jack the thread but theres horse stables over in the back area of Superior Market around Durfee and Rush, I see guys riding horses in the back streets over there, and theres also a Rodeo over on Valley and Durfee.

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