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  1. Plutonium Jones

    DIY: Dent Removal

    hmm...might just give that a whirl on the accord.
  2. Plutonium Jones

    whats unique about your 6thgen

    the only thing imported from asia-land on my car is the Blue Mushroom I hang in my car...that and green interior lighting
  3. Plutonium Jones

    new to 6gen

    welcome n enjoy yourself :D
  4. Plutonium Jones

    Throwback Sport: Rollerbladin'

    blading is just hard to make look good...on top of masculinity factors, the tricks' sex appeal are only noticed if you look directly at their feet for most tricks in comparison to skateboarding (which a flip trick to manual will suffice) however, watching these guys move as smooth as silk on...
  5. Plutonium Jones

    i moved to the south!

    my girlfriend goes to austin peay...i go to school in knoxville...i live in memphis...i stay on I-40...ill honk at you exactly 3 times when im in the city (ill be in a TL when i do though <_<)
  6. Plutonium Jones

    how much did everyone pick up their accords for?

    Accord LX...3800 with pending hidden auto-tragedy in the works at near 165k or so after two years and a rebuilt tranny.
  7. Plutonium Jones

    H22 the accord or buy an integra ?

    second that...4th gen
  8. Plutonium Jones

    NEW: 6GA Shirts are a Go!

    damn i need a paypal account
  9. Plutonium Jones

    happy birthday to me :(

  10. Plutonium Jones

    GoldnKnight's '04 Acura TL 6MT..... It's Time. (56k)

    holy ****balls that is sexy
  11. Plutonium Jones

    good bang for buck wax product

    ive been using turtle wax synthetic polish...quick and easy to do (just do not put on glass), no residue and can be done under the sun.
  12. Plutonium Jones

    What's your cars name?

    i finally realized i named him Guy subconsciously (kinda after a friend) we drive cars...people ride imagine a male motorcycle :lawl: i kno right?! cant imagine how much this car has gotten me laid...with stock damn near everything lol
  13. Plutonium Jones

    Official Random Photo thread

    just want some feed back on my noobness p/s skills buddy's SE-R
  14. Plutonium Jones

    AllGOnoSHOW's SCCA 02 Accord Coupe V6 6M/T

    Re: AllGOnoSHOW's 02 accord coupe V6 has anyone did the turbo 6spd v6 yet?
  15. Plutonium Jones

    truck opinions

    o_____o wtf... i need that song playing at my funeral... well, with this info i should be able to find her a good truck . thanks 6GA, ill keep yall posted.
  16. Plutonium Jones

    truck opinions

    okay guys, yall are really looking into this too deep when i say plants...were talking the heaviest plant would be a fern....and maybe some potting a bag lmao (my bad for not making that clear :lawl:) rangers are also catching my eye now that you guys have said it (fck GM btw...)...
  17. Plutonium Jones

    truck opinions

    well...she really just wants the convenience of having her own truck with 4 seats. doesnt necessarily have to be a 4 door. and she does not really need a V8 now that i think about it. (her GS gives her too much freedom to think shes a freaking indy driver) she hates to ask/rent trucks or...
  18. Plutonium Jones

    truck opinions

    dodge rams are nice imo...are they mechanically sound? btw: 5000 bucks limit...but im gonna try and deal solely with private sellers.
  19. Plutonium Jones

    Tranny Be Slippin'

    who did your tranny? they might have you automatically under an extended warranty plan (or the automatic basic isnt done yet). going off of mine, its 12k or 12 months and extended 36k/months. if so, call em back...they will have you on file if its over 500 bucks dont work like that...
  20. Plutonium Jones

    truck opinions

    what about fords, are the F series as dependable as stated?
  21. Plutonium Jones

    AMAZING FAN VIDEO: Modern Warfare Frozen Crossing Pt. 2

    hah, achievement unlocked - kill an enemy with a flashbang
  22. Plutonium Jones

    truck opinions

    thx, probably wont be needing to...she wont tote what she cant lift, but i dont think a mattress or bed set would do anything that bad.
  23. Plutonium Jones

    truck opinions

    the most it will tow (i mean carry..she aint towin **** i believe) is people, plants, and furniture. nothing heavy duty...i hope
  24. Plutonium Jones

    truck opinions

    wsup guys, i have to ask for opinions from people i know know more than i do... so here goes the situation: moms is looking for a DD truck with beater intentions but moderate B-C+ rank quality (on a A-F scale)...shes looking for a 4-seater with an asian model preference (think tacoma). this...
  25. Plutonium Jones

    Another one of these threads.....

    hey....this is a car forum... his name will be referred to as Jeepus Chrystler

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