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    5sp Swap wiring/ecu problems

    Check this thread. You use the auto harness and in this thread shows you which wires to jump on the plug that would plug in to auto trans harness Also shows how to get speedo to work properly
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    2000 Accord Crank No Start

    Check the distributor
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    Quick Help With Door Actuators

    Thanks guys for input. I'll use uni one for now then look on amazon thanks. Guys have part numbers? So I can save it
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    Quick Help With Door Actuators

    Need some help. My passenger door actuator stop working. I had a 2 wire universal one laying around. Does anyone know which wires I tap into so the universal actuator will work like oem. I already mounted the new one just need the correct wires to tap Thanks!
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    Heating up when sitting in traffic or stopped

    Check fan switch and fuses. Turn a/c to see if both fans are working
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    5spd swap, Clutch pedal issue

    do u have washers?
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    h22 dizzy wiring

    is there any wiring diagrams for the h22 internal coil dizzy?
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    PS Vita

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    PS Vita

    updated pic added
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    PS Vita

    Will post pics tonight soon as I get home
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    PS Vita

    Selling 2 month old Vita. Rarely played Comes with original box, power cord. Starter pack which included case, earphones, memory card, and screen protector. 1 game MLB the show Also purchased Walmart warranty Asking $200 Looking local pickups only please. Located Woodbridge, NJ...
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    Front main seal removal...

    Oil pan gasket
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    Accordman722's G23 Build.

    I know. What sucks is its probably not that hard. I've been looking around for longest. Trying to find one for internal coil
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    Accordman722's G23 Build.

    Re: Accorman722's G23 Build. diagram for this? or diy on wiring distrubutor?
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    F20b distributor question

    any update on this?
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    Time to replace clutch?

    when i did clutch on friends car to drop trans easily i removed subframe
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    FS: 99 Honda Accord EX

    I will have another pic of rear up soon. I forgot to block my plates.
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    FS: 99 Honda Accord EX

    Thanks for compliment. Me selling car will go towards what I already have saved. I do have another car. I will have interior shots ASAP. Car is at shop getting wet sanded and buffed. As for price idk where to price it. I have so much invested. I will consider serious offers.
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    FS: 99 Honda Accord EX

    Unforturnatly i have to sale my baby. Im getting married and looking to buy house. Car is located in Central NJ Exterior Painted NHBP- i just got car yesterday from shop Full Wings West lip Kit JDM Ek Stanely smoked side markers Wheels- 17" Tenzo R Miesters flat black brand new, with brand new...
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    99 front wheel bearings?

    just change both bearings. when i changed mine few months back. i took whole knuckle out and took to shop.
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    5-speed swap: rear engine mount

    It should have bolted right in. When I did my 5 spd swap. Mount fit in perfect the holes was there for the 5spd mount
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    Opinions on custom interior??

    how hard is it to take the sliding cover for moon roof? i covered my headliner only. i didnt know how to take that off..
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    F20B help

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    F20B help

    Do u have a diagram??

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