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  1. dbang

    FS: red front bumper + oem lip & mod foglight

    yes it is the authentic oem lip. yes i am willing to separate i had it for a while, been lazy to post, i have a few other parts as well. pm me an offer and i will find out how much shipping costs. i've never shipped anything to the states before so if you have advice/experience that would...
  2. dbang

    FS: red front bumper + oem lip & mod foglight

    needs a repaint, a little cracked but fixable located in toronto. willing to ship at buyer's expense, prefer local. can't really get a price on this so i'm taking offers. if i need to put a price, i'll put $300.
  3. dbang

    FS: 99 Accord Coupe v6 EX or part out

    first time parting out... not really sure about prices for most parts, as well as the cheapest/best way to ship since most of ya'll are from the states. any advice/offers would be appreciated.
  4. dbang

    FS: 99 Accord Coupe v6 EX or part out

    Located in Toronto! Willing to part out whole car if not sold as whole. Selling as is! Low Kms only 196k All power options Runs well Body and interior in great condition Comes with aftermarket JVC deck, bluetooth with remote - multi colours Sub-wiring done with subwoofer and amp Wiring done...
  5. dbang

    FS: ..........

    Re: Tein Basics Coilovers - $150 come toronto please : (
  6. dbang

    what's this that popped out?!

    thanks guys, i think i'll find led strip and stick under there. did you have to splice any wiring or are there specific ones that are plug and play... i'll take a look at ebay i guess. would making it different colours be illegal? ie. red, blue
  7. dbang

    FS: OEM Retrofitted Headlights

    thought you said it could use a re-aim?
  8. dbang

    FS: OEM Retrofitted Headlights

    i'd be interested if it was plug and play :) (if you can re-aim and buff) :D
  9. dbang

    Rear speaker wiring?

    So it seems that my rear left side speaker doesn't work, I bought new speakers and tried them on and still doesn't work. Probably a wire gone faulty somewhere, any tips on finding out the exact spot where the problem is? How difficult would it be to rewire the audio wiring
  10. dbang

    what's this that popped out?!

    I drove home and found this sticking out from the hole above the rear licence plate! Does anyone know what it is and how i put it back where it belongs?
  11. dbang

    FS: Accord Sedan Switch Woodgrain Bezel --- Fog Light Switch

    will the fog light switch fit a 6ga coupe accord perfectly in slot?
  12. dbang

    FS: Bi-Xenon Morimoto Mini H1 Complete Retrofit / TL Steering Wheel

    would it be possible for you to fix the leak and possibly the adjustment as well? 14303 zip code
  13. dbang

    FS: 99 Accord Coupe part out

    deal for the whole kit? shipped to either... m6h4b2 or 14303. prices for both please. pm would be nice
  14. dbang

    FS: Hondatech03's part out #2

    whats for sale? lol
  15. dbang

    FS: 98-02 nhbp oem coupe spoiler

    price of lights shipped to 14304?
  16. dbang

    FS: Partout Thread

    can we get pictures of the coilovers? mileage and how long have you had em on? were they new when you got them? how's the condition? shipping to canada?
  17. dbang

    245/40/18 fitting?

    i asked him for more details but he doesn't really know, asked me to just come try it on lol. what kind of wheel specs should i know? 1) bolt pattern 2) tire size (205/60/16 for example our stock) 3) lug size (but I can probably use my stock lugs or easily get another set right?)...
  18. dbang

    245/40/18 fitting?

    hey thanks a lot. i found a site before that could calculate but doesn't work anymore for some reason =/ it looks like it's a good match against the odo. this is the info the guy who's selling it gave me Rims 18 And the Lugs are 12 m m 125 r m it has lock ans Key... The Rims Are multiple...
  19. dbang

    245/40/18 fitting?

    I'm looking to buy used rims with tires already on them. The tires are 245/40/18 and I was wondering if they will work with my 6ga v6? I did some search and it seems for an 18inch the majority of tires are 225/45/18. I'm fairly new to rims/tires and I have a slight clue on what some numbers...
  20. dbang

    FS: Selling Wings West | Strut Bar | Euro Cluster

    Re: Tein Street Basis Coilovers/ Eibach Sportlines. i may be interested. i'm looking for coilovers myself but seeing there's 3 sets for sale up here atm, i know nothing about coilovers. maybe you could tell me the pros and cons between yours and others? K sport coil overs Function & Form type...
  21. dbang

    help with sub install

    I can't find any grommets to poke through besides one that's on the driver side top right corner but I think that lead into the dash which I have no experience taking out. I want to avoid drilling as much as possible so I was wondering which hole people poke it through specifically for those of...
  22. dbang

    help with sub install

    I drive a 99 accord coupe v6. Where do people fish your power wire through the firewall? I can't seem to find a place. There was one spot before above I think it's the fuel pump but I used that hole for my fogs I'm sure there are people who have fogs and subs, where is the second hole...
  23. dbang

    FS: 17" HFP R7's in silver

    everything i want is in the states >< 14303, m6h4b2
  24. dbang

    FS: lots of stuff !!

    how much for lids shipped to m6h4b2 i wonder how it will look on red hmm

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