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  1. 99accordlove

    6spd 7th gen accord transmission swap?? help pls

    hey guys, i want to put the 7th gen accord transmission on my j30a1, and was wondering what engine harness and ecu do i have to use? thanks in advance for your help:)
  2. 99accordlove

    j30 nitrous, good idea?????

    hey whats up everyone i was just wondering if anyone has there v6 j30 with nitrous and if its a good or bad idea to do, and how many shots would be good. thanks for the advice:)
  3. 20141206 132304[1]

    20141206 132304[1]

  4. 99accordlove

    Mike's 02 Accord coupe V6

    nice car bro, really like the lip what kind is it????
  5. 99accordlove

    what kind of transmission??????

    hey guys whats up, i have a 99 v6 accord and want to make it 6spd mt but i dont know what kind of trans will fit. if anybody can help me out on telling me with one would be best for my car that would be awsome...... THANKS:)
  6. 99accordlove

    Is function & form type2 best choice ???????

    Oh ok. Well thanks guys for your help
  7. 99accordlove

    Is function & form type2 best choice ???????

    Is the difference between the type 1 and the type 2 the price or what haha
  8. 99accordlove

    Is function & form type2 best choice ???????

    Hey there everyone im new to this site and i was thinking about buying f&f type2 suspension but i really dont know much about it. if anyone can help me out with some info or if its worth buying please let me know. THANKS:)

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