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    2000 Accord 4dr weight loss

    That's what I figured lol I don't want to do much unless I pull off the swap I want which will involve the car getting gutted and only having a harness bar and bucket seats lol but my car already didn't have a sunroof so that's good I guess though a sunroof is nice at times and I love my A/C I...
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    2000 Accord Sedan PS to Rack and Pinion Swap

    Alright thanks it's not really a very big deal to me I was just wondering because I've seen people act like power steering is one their worst enemies in the weight department but I noticed the pump isn't heavy so idk lol...I'd prefer to just drive it how it is there really is no point in doing...
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    2000 Accord Sedan Unlocks Itself

    I will try the graphite lube thinks for the idea...I did start locking the driver door with the key just because I wanted to be absolutely sure that it wasn't unlocking just because the door was open but i always pulled the handle to make sure , when it first started happening i was afraid...
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    2000 Accord Sedan Unlocks Itself

    Hey guys I have a 2000 accord sedan F23 Auto well I have an issue it doesn't have keyless entry so when I go in for work I'll leave my cigarettes and phone in the car well I'll lock all the doors manually because my switch only works the front 2 the back locks move but wont ever lock/unlock so I...
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    2000 Accord 4dr weight loss

    Hey guys mainly all I'm wondering is what can I do to lose some weight in my car why is it SO HEAVY! I've removed the passenger and rear seats for cleaning at one point but I didn't notice a difference for real, what have any of you done or what can I do to drop maybe 200 pounds if possible I...
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    2000 Accord Sedan PS to Rack and Pinion Swap

    Hey guys I've posted a couple of threads already but none have been responded to involving my future plans and my current CEL issues...anyways I have already removed my power steering belt due to my A/C belt squeaking like crazy mainly from my bad misfire (but yes it stopped squeaking 90% or so)...
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    2000 Accord F23 Auto to J30A4 6MT Swap Or F23 Rebuild Help & Opinions Please

    Hey guys and/or girls I'm brand new to this forum and was hoping I could have some help compiling mainly a list I guess along with public opinions from fellow 6th gen Accord owners. Well my car as it sits is a factory white 2000 Accord 4DR it has the original F23A1 that it was built with...
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    OFFICIAL 6th Gen Accord Random Picture Thread

    Super Clean Accord I Like It!! Mine Needs Some Paint Any Ideas?

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