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    Heel toe shifting

    i brake with my right foot and being 6foot 3 i cant fit my knees under the wheel so i cant really turn my foot and leg enough do i keep my right foot on the brake and i aply the break i kinda roll my foot to the right and catch the gass with the upper right part of my foot and blip the gass its...
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    nice accord

    ya i saw this over at superhonda i also told him i wanna f*ck his car
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    nice accord

    saw this car on another forum thought u guys would like it guy put a new body kit on and lambo doors ... thing must be fast with a CL-S 6speed with a supercharger one of the hottest accords ive seen
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    Every office/Home needs one

    this is nice tooo
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    No more condensation!

    there free....well money for the silicone. do it your self it will take like an hour maybe but you save like 70 bucks and get the satisfaction of doing it your self its simple all u need is a heat gun or oven screw driver and silicone. there should be a write up on how to do it just search
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    Apex'i WS2

    dam that looks good.. i think im going to just get a custom catback with a ws2 muff.. unless i can find a full cat ws2 for cheap
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    Posts pics of drop****LIMIT 2 Pics****

    H&r H&R sport springs on 18's. living in MA there is a lotta hills and bumps some times the springs squeek with some one in the backseat but 100% worth it. Before After close up
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    35% tint

    i paid 110 and life time warrenty
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    35% tint

    i got 50 up front and 35 in the back completely legit in MA but idk if this goes for all the states when u get an Inspection sticker that ur required to have they check ur windows and if they are too dark u get rejected and fail. so u either have to know some ppl,they will pass u or stay legal...
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    Hot Import Nights BOSTON

    anyone going im think i am i went last year. its a good time alot of RICE BOXES but some nice cars too .. plus all the hot chicks. its this saturday april 29th
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    i currently have a 5spd in my coupe it has its ups and downs first its gives u something to do while driveing plus alottt funner.... yet i was noticing this the other day when i was in boston that it sucks to keep pushing in the cluth and this and that in traffic jams. but in the long run the...
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    Exhaust help

    any one no where i can get a WS2 or WS catback for a reasonable price??
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    Members rides (minimum conversation)

    18's but didnt have enough ffor the real thing so i bought replicas
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    Members rides (minimum conversation)

    Thanks man, what springs do u have?
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    Members rides (minimum conversation)

    my car few new pics with the H&R sport springs in... ill get better ones for now these are from my camera fone
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    Exhaust help

    im looking for a full cat back that is relitivly quiet for my 4cyl coupe i was just wondering what you guys are running or reccomend.. i wanted the apexi ws2 but they dont make one for the coupe. id like to find something for around 400 or under let me no bud
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    Which springs for 2" drop Tein or Eibach?

    springs i heard that the eibach springs sag after a while not enough dead coils id go with H&R Race springs
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    Head swap

    g23 the guy on HT had all the parts laying around he had the head off his lude that the motor was junk on so he did it all for relitivly cheap i think the most expensive part of the project was the dyno tuning. so if you have the parts i wouldnt be bad but u deffinetly have to know what ur...

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