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    KTHUNG's '13 A5

    First photoshoot for the car! IMGP2723-Edit by kthung, on Flickr
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    Kevos Audi Allroad 2.7t

    Hey Kevo CC's are very classy! I see you have a Solo werks decal. Are you running Solo werks coils? Have you gone through the winter with them yet? I'm worried about corrosion since I live in a snowy area.
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    FS: Retrofit Headlights, Prelude Shifter, Steering Wheel, Power Lock Actuators

    Well unfortunately it is time to move on from the Accord, so I'm selling some extra parts that might be useful to forum members. Prices include shipping to the continental US. If you're close to CT and would like to pick up we can work out a lower price. Pictures will be added soon. Retrofit...
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    M3 Lip and OEM Wing?

    This would be the easiest route. My local scrapyard has trunk lids for about $100
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    New wheel color

    So uh... trying to get that post count up huh? :uhoh2::uhoh2:
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    BlkCurrantkord's '11 WRX

    That is a sweet ride. Any clips of the new exhaust?
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    KTHUNG's '13 A5

    Thank you sir! And we'll see what happens down the line, but at the moment I don't have the parking space for more than one car.
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    KTHUNG's '13 A5

    And here she is! If only CT didn't require front plates... looks so much better. Proper photo shoot to come!
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    Done!!!TSX Retrofit with switchback solid led tubes

    That looks great! I think if you could get your HID color temp to match the LED bar it would really finish it off.
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    Hauling a bike or two

    Oh I know. I just saw them listed in your sig and wanted to see them.
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    ickna11's [H23A] VTEC [5MT] Swapped EX-L 2k Coupe (12/23/16)

    Re: ickna11's H23A VTEC Swapped EX-L 2k Coupe (Sound Clip) Love those wheels :thumbsup: complements the headlights well
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    That's a lot of poke on the XXRs are you running spacers?
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    Spacemonkee's '00 AV6 4door (No 56K)

    I really like the reverse glow gauges! The LED strip above the headlights look pretty clean in pictures. In real life can you make out individual dots or does it look like a single strip?
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    New member saying HI!

    Welcome! Post up some pics of the ride when you can!
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    FS: ***RETROfitted Headlights***

    This is a super clean set. Surprised no one has bought them yet. GLWS
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    Richard's '02 V6 Coupe EX-L

    Re: Sil2DrV6's 2002 Accord Coupe EX-L V6 What does the ion generator do?
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    2008 Si Steering Wheel

    As far as I'm aware only 02-04 Civic Si steering wheels will work.
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    What'd you do to your accord today?

    Replaced retros with stock housings. Vacuumed and shampoo'd the interior today. Prepping the car for sale soon :Boo:
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    KTHUNG's '13 A5

    Yup :) I got 4 yrs, 88,000 mi left to go
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    Hauling a bike or two

    wow really nice! do you have better pictures of Cafe's in your sig?
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    KTHUNG's '13 A5

    Oh haha yeah true that. I actually test drove a 3 series before picking this car. The turn signal stalk is really weird to operate. When you turn on the turn signal it doesn't stay in that position until after you complete the turn. Instead, no matter what it rebounds back to the original...

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