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  1. SickCeeGeeSix

    Monster Jeep

    Yea the SRT8 is stock n that other is built! let me find u the video where the SRT8 is running better Times then that built jeep :) TaDa! Owned!
  2. SickCeeGeeSix

    Buick GSX & Skylark Shoot *No 56K

    Nice :D I see someone was doing some Doughnuts!
  3. SickCeeGeeSix

    Houston accord meet pics

    That Blue Accord Goes Hard As F*#K!
  4. SickCeeGeeSix

    New LA/OC Meet!

    If we bbq it will most likely be in the afternoon on a weekend... someone have a poll.. well start it and see what everyone thinks... bbq at my house. or drive forever and be bored.. lol jk na idk someone set it up
  5. SickCeeGeeSix

    Rocking back and forth

    Agreed :D
  6. SickCeeGeeSix

    New LA/OC Meet!

    and a nice size backyard... and i got the perfect place for a photoshoot if u ladies r down!
  7. SickCeeGeeSix

    New LA/OC Meet!

    the whole street will be avalable.. depending what time we bbq determins how much parking there will be! but yea there will be enough space
  8. SickCeeGeeSix

    New LA/OC Meet!

    lets just have a bbq a my house.... I live in the middle of everyone! Norwalk california... Off the 5freeway and 605freeway! Then we can go somewhere from there
  9. SickCeeGeeSix

    I Spy...

    Not really feeling it sorry :( Rims look too big for the car to be slammed that much... yes it has air bags i know.. but still if it was sitting flush it would look nice
  10. SickCeeGeeSix

    New LA/OC Meet!

    7am is too early... im either still be drunk or hung over and asleep unless i gotta work.. which i been working like 6 days a week.... I suggest we meet at a park and chill or something because driving around all day sucks.. to top it off the malibu meet was a hella drive and besides i have a...
  11. SickCeeGeeSix

    Teaserrrr **UPDATED** WHEELS MOUNTED!!

    Yea Bro get a lip kit and youll be good :)
  12. SickCeeGeeSix

    Really considering swapping to an AP1 S2000, H22 Accord part out?

    Bottom line is all the money u put into a car u aint ever gonna see it again... and it is not an "Investment" into ur car because u dont profit from it... Part it out and be happy with what u get :) and ok tv's in ur car? really?? what a waste? what u gonna do drive and sit in ur back seat and...
  13. SickCeeGeeSix

    Seat swap

    HAHAHAHA owned!
  14. SickCeeGeeSix

    OMG California CARB Confusing help?

    Know whats funny. My uncle got a Cruise Night At his lil Restaurant every friday night... a Freakin CHP showed up in a NSX Supercharged and A fire fighter showed up in a freakin SRT8 Challenger... well the challenger i understand but the nsx supercharged.... they got the power so they take...
  15. SickCeeGeeSix

    Accord theft/theft prevention!

    The bottom line is if someone really wants ur car there going to take it... Trust over here where i live.. Well where i used to live they steal escalades.. Navigators... Everything dude!
  16. SickCeeGeeSix

    Accord theft/theft prevention!

    an alarm works just fine... dont bother to spend money on anything else unless u have gold rims that r worth more then ur car... which i doubt so youll be ok :) INSURANCE!!! make sure u have that :)
  17. SickCeeGeeSix

    2-21-10 Socal Pacific Coast Highway Cruise

    I know spend 16 bucks on an Adios.. I spent like 80 buks on like 6 drinks! haha yea for sure! lets try something else cause that place wasnt that good
  18. SickCeeGeeSix

    2-21-10 Socal Pacific Coast Highway Cruise

    I Saw You At The Bar!!!!!!!HAHAHAHA Drink up!
  19. SickCeeGeeSix

    SoCal Cruise Meet

    Tell ur brother ima get my boys CBR 600RR so i can go cruise with em!
  20. SickCeeGeeSix

    SoCal Cruise Meet

    Race Fuel! Fully built F23a1 Running Straight Pipe! no cat
  21. SickCeeGeeSix

    SoCal Cruise Meet

    ?????????? post a pic that actually works.. and if u got something to say just say it.. dont let a picture do the talking for u!
  22. SickCeeGeeSix

    SoCal Cruise Meet

    F#*K You Ima Show You Long And Dark! And no I Aint Short N Dark! Get Ur **** Straight!
  23. SickCeeGeeSix

    UPDATED 12/31/12, i haz snail..56K be warned!

    Re: UPDATED 01/06/10, i haz snail..56K be warned! Looking Good Bro, Honestly Your ride inspires me to keep my accord... just shows the true potential and colors of out cars u know. other then that i think the Rims and car color goes great! Good Job Bro! keep it up! btw how much u pay for ur rims?
  24. SickCeeGeeSix

    visiting cali

    That place ur going to is like down the street from my house lol!
  25. SickCeeGeeSix

    Car Wont Stay on!

    K.. tomorrow ill be cleaning the IAVC and getting a new CAT along with a Secondary 02 Sensor... hopefully all that does the job

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