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    Need interior pic!

    Boys, can someone please do me a favour. I need somebody with a black interior to sit in their back seat doors closed. Seats up right. Take a picture facing forward. So you can see the dash seats and out the windshield. My girlfriend and I have a one year anniversary coming up and I need...
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    Speed Daddy exhaust?

    $350, I might be able to squeeze out a bit more.
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    Speed Daddy exhaust?

    Hey my exhaust is falling apart left right and centre.. I need a new one stat. I have been looking around at a few sites and came up with a few brands. I am a little hard up for cash at moment. Anyways I found a cheap cat back made by speed daddy. Anybody familiar with his exhaust company? Good...
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    dragged's 2000 Coupe (4/8/12)

    Re: dragged's 2000 Coupe Lovin the trunk lid man. Nice ride
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    Uniquex's 98 accord coupe v6

    Love the coupes, and love the white coupes even more. Mint car man
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    Unoffcial 5Spd swap list

    I am planing on doing this swap over the Christmas holidays. I am lucky and found an whole 5 speed parts car. it got t-boned on the passenger side and a pillar got bent in a little bit. got the car for dirt cheap. I seen a few pages back some talk about the reverse lights. I am going to switch...
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    Coolent over flow problem

    Its something bigger :/ Had the car running for a while reving 3000rpm. Nothing, it would not over flow. Turned the heat on, and I get smoke from below the intake manifold.
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    Coolent over flow problem

    a hair line crack in the top of the rad where the cap goes on?
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    Coolent over flow problem

    Hi guys, just wondering if any of you have had this problem before. When I am driving I get small antifreeze over flows. It is right from under the rad cap. I have no leaks, fans work, the temp gauge says the car is not over heating. I thought it was just a bad cap so I replaced it. No dice.. It...
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    My Accord

    found a better picture of the car with the body kit on back.
  11. better shot of car with body kit

    better shot of car with body kit

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    My Accord

    Meh, Im a teenager. Additude is what I am good at. None the less, your right. But I do have my fair share of work around generations of Cummins engines and the trucks they sit in. Injectors have an impact on a lot of vehicles and I have to find away to get this Honda to lay some rubber.
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    My Accord

    I am saying now that I have more air going in and more coming out I CAN now get the injectors. The engine can take the injectors now that the air system is up to par. If you are arguing you have obviously never put a set in your self. They are an easy install and have outstanding results. the...
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    My Accord

    Want the bigger injectors for more power. I got the cold air intake putting more air into the engine, the new exhaust letting more air out. now I want more fuel. SykVSyx, thanks for the tip. I think I might get the eBay kit.
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    My Accord

    I am keeping the duals tell they rot off :p I love them. As for the kit, she is long gone. I have the stock bumpers on and stock wing. anyone know a good site to buy a lip kit in Canada?
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    01 Honda accord lx auto

    that sucks bro, cant wait to see the pics when sees done.
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    My Accord

    there are things I like and dislike about it. the body kit was too low and always got beat up. the front bumper is awesome but I hate the 7inch fog lights it is suppose to have. I got the front bumper for $50, so it was a great deal. Now I have the stock bumpers and skirts on the car. Badge less...
  18. p 00643

    p 00643

  19. p 00737

    p 00737

  20. p 00735

    p 00735

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    My Accord

    1998 Honda Accord Ex Coupe 4cyl auto. Engine -AEM cold air intake -DC Sports 4-2-1 header and down pipe (not on car) -Looking for a set of injectors, 550cc or higher. -Two amazing sounding fart cans, I don't know why they sound so good but they are sick. Suspension -Strut bar (carbon fiber...
  22. close up on the valve cover

    close up on the valve cover

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