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  1. jpm0887

    Been a while! New cruise video I made

    Great video Bee! New car looked awesome at CanAm!
  2. jpm0887

    Pics from a Local Car Show 5/5/12

    There were a couple 6thgens there, all rice though.
  3. jpm0887

    What'd you do to your accord today?

    De-badged the trunk!
  4. jpm0887

    Feedback for Good/Bad Transactions

    Member: thebax Item: Beige oem floor mats Feedback: Good seller; incredibly fast shipment; item exactly as described. Bought/Sold: bought
  5. jpm0887

    FS: sold

    Re: »Updated 03/22/12» TheBax's For Sale Thread Floor mats arrived today! Great Condition!
  6. jpm0887

    New guy from the Tri-State area !!

    Welcome to the site! :thumbsup:
  7. jpm0887

    UNOFFICIAL CanAm Cruise '12 Discussion Thread

    Make sure john brings the trophy back.
  8. jpm0887

    Hostile 1999 Accord LX Sedan

    Welcome to the site!
  9. jpm0887

    sayjaibao54's 1999 Accord EX (update 4/20/2013)

    Re: sayjaibao54's 1999 Accord EX Welcome to the site! Great Start!
  10. jpm0887

    CanAm Cruise 2011 VIDEO!!!!!!!!

    Awesome video Bee! Already looking forward to next year.
  11. jpm0887

    Rear Fog/ EDM Tail Lights

    Re: Rear Fog Looks good!
  12. jpm0887

    6thGenJed's Ride Thread Update 5/30/13

    Re: First Ride Thread 6thGenJed Welcome to 6GA! Progress looks good so far.
  13. jpm0887

    »Totaled 02/16/12» TheBax's 1999 Accord Sedan LX V6 (56k)

    Re: *UPDATED 10/18/11* TheBax's 1999 Accord Sedan LX V6 (56k) Is your sub-box a direct fit along the back wall of the trunk? If so where did you get it from?
  14. jpm0887

    AngelART 99 Accord Sedan LX (56k)

    Welcome to 6GA. car looks good, except for the rims.
  15. jpm0887

    More like eye sore.....

    Looks better debadged IMO.
  16. jpm0887

    Vtecboi24's 06 Acura TL (56K)

    Congrats on the new car! Interested to see how this project turns out. If it's anything like the accord I know it will be awesome! :thumbup:
  17. jpm0887

    Crimson's 2000 Accord Coupe EX

    Welcome to 6GA.
  18. jpm0887

    SRS light won't go away

    I had the same issue, dealer replaced a seat buckle sensor that was covered under an extended warranty but later told me that the SRS unit itself was bad. Replaced the SRS unit and reset the system and the light went out and has been out ever since.
  19. jpm0887

    New member from northern NJ

    Welcome to 6GA!
  20. jpm0887

    HID kit Club!

    #224 DDM Tuning 6000k
  21. jpm0887

    JPM0887's 2002 Accord Sedan EX V6

    Finally got my HID kit installed. Pics will be up soon.
  22. jpm0887

    99Vtec's 1999 Accord Coupe EX V6 (56k?)

    Looks nice, but I would replace the 18" rims with some 17's, and then lower it.
  23. jpm0887

    thanks, i have only seen one other car around here with the same color.

    thanks, i have only seen one other car around here with the same color.
  24. jpm0887

    The OFFICIAL CanAm Cruise 2011 Thread

    Entire weekend was awesome, minus my flat tire during the cruise. :thumbsup: to Kevin and Justin and everyone else that helped plan it all.

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