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    Main relay question

    So I posted some questions in the urgent section and did not get any replies so I will post my question here to see if anyone knows. I'm pretty convinced that the main relay on my car is dead again after my soldering job last year. My question is that when you go to buy one, the part number...
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    Car died while driving. Now won't start

    So I went back out this morning and took a video of the motor while I was cranking it and I was able to see the water pump rotate with the belt intact in an attempt to start. So what can I deduct from knowing this?
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    Car died while driving. Now won't start

    Hey everyone. I haven't been on in a while so it made me re-register. Anyway. I've got a 2000 v6 model and while I was driving home yesterday I went to throttle to pass someone and poof it died. All electronics stayed on and I coasted as far as I could. There was no bang, pop, or loud sound...

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