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  1. MrChad

    MrChad's '00 EX Coupe 5-speed

    It was time....8.5 years is a lot of time to spend Modding any one car. But it just had lost the fun factor to drive being parked in the drive next to the TSX and even my Charger SXT company ride was more enjoyable some days. The turbo and flappy paddle shifters on the RDX cures that. Plus...
  2. MrChad

    MrChad's '00 EX Coupe 5-speed

    Sad news guys the Accord was traded in about a week ago now. The Accord was replaced by a new 2008 Acura RDX with Technology Package for the wife. On the upside I'm now taking over our 2004 Acura TSX...
  3. MrChad

    Post your headunits

    old RF mod. Sirius Tuner setup in sunglass holder. new Kenwood Head unit for Sirius tuner in trunk. This Kenwood may be the worst ergonomic design on earth, it sucks flat out. Sounds nice but drives you insane if you have to reset any controls...if I didn't already have the car wired...
  4. MrChad

    NA F23 Dyno!!!

    How street able are these Bisimoto and/or Webcams regrind camshaft? Can they be used with OEM ECUs? Do they have to be tuned on a dyno with an adj. cam gear in place?
  5. MrChad

    Rattle sound :skurred:

    You can fix that by installing a small piece of heater line or fuel line hose on the A/C hardline with some zip ties. Don't let the intake wear hole in the AC hardline, that's not a cheap fix.
  6. MrChad

    Comparison: PSPEC vs. Neuspeed

    Shift adapters aren't so bad... I have the now discontinued B&M kit. They made it at one point for the 94-96 Prelude as well. It's a very nice kit, included a new needle bearing for press fitting into the space that (OEM) uses the rubber bushing. The downside is you do have to clearance...
  7. MrChad

    Rubbing or is it ok?

    I had 225-40-18 and +42mm at one point, I would rub only when pushing the car very hard and only in the rear. Switched to a 225-45-17 +46mm no more rub.
  8. MrChad

    Need 6thgens Opinon.

    I see that TireRack now even stocks TE37 Time Attacks, a merge of both. I like time attacks better when I was kid....we called them hotwheels tires :) Or when my uncle had Firestone Redline F70's poly-glass tires (biasply) on his Roadrunner...think pre-radial tire days.
  9. MrChad

    THE Tire Review Thread

    Re: THE Tire Review Sticky Yokoham Parada Spec-2 (225-40-18) Z rated. This may have been the worste tire on earth, very load, moderate grip. Tire wear was ok, very little side wall. $125/tire Kumho Ecsta Supra 712 (225-40-18) W rated. The one tire that made me reconsider the Paradas as worst...
  10. MrChad

    Wheel Fitment Thread

    BBS 17x7" rims +46mm offset (those crazy germans) Tires 225-45-17 drop 1.75fr 1.5rr Eibach's No rubbing ever ever ever. I use to rub when I had 225-40-18 tires and 18x7.5 RacingHarts. I was so ticked, I was driving the dragon's tail in TN/NC with this setup catching my rear fenders the...
  11. MrChad

    MrChad's '00 EX Coupe 5-speed

    Well in 3 years no has ever liked the yellow hid lights or HID on my car; can't imagine you'll hear much different soon. :action-smiley-042: And for those same 3 years no one has liked the rims, and in over 8 years no one has ever liked the bra either. :) Not sure I want to lower the car much...
  12. MrChad

    MrChad's '00 EX Coupe 5-speed

    I had (have) the WW sides, they are in a box somewhere painted, I removed them. I got tired of having to step over the damn things. I must have caught my foot on them every other time I got out of the car. The Honda sides are way lighter too. old rims and sides...
  13. MrChad

    Anyone in Chicago....

    Yes, I'm in the Chicagoland Burbs...
  14. MrChad

    MrChad's '00 EX Coupe 5-speed

    No, as far as I know it's illegal to sell your wife in IL. Just kidding, heavens no I wouldn't sell the Accord - it just doesn't get driven much, about 1000mi a year. The wife has our TSX for her daily so it sees a lot more road time now. As for the comments to lower it more, it's already...
  15. MrChad

    MrChad's '00 EX Coupe 5-speed

    I've owned this car since new in early 2000. It has a grand total of 67,000mi and some change on the odometer, which rolls even slower now that it's not my daily car. Exterior stuff I can remember doing... 50/50 Honda OEM & Wings West lip kit. And some 35% tint. Suspesion...
  16. MrChad

    Aem V2 Air Intake: Accord 98-02 4 Cyl

    Per my invoice from TireRack and at AEM's site at one point. hp = 7.9 gain at 6100rpm trq = 9.5 gain at 4100rpm I've owned all three of AEM's intake systems and I can definately say this one pulls like a mother - like none other. Above 4000rpm she really does pull. I had the OEM box on...
  17. MrChad

    Which Short Shift Adapters Do not Rub?

    I have the B&M shift adapter kit for the 98-99 Accord in my '00 coupe and it does rub. I had to dremel the shift boot plastic base and part of the tunnel cover to clearance for the bolt threads on the kit for the allen bolt. B&M instructed this, I think the kits may only fit the sedans...
  18. MrChad

    Boston Acoustic S65rd

    Purchased: Crutchfield Online (~$100.00) new. 9.5/10.0 These are the shallow mount depth 6.5"s from Boston Acoustic: These BA's are the ideal solution for the doors of the Accord coupe. I had been waiting years for someone to make a factory depth co-axial for the doors of the sixth gen...
  19. MrChad

    Eibach Prokit (I4)

    Eibach Prokits 9.8/10.0 Summit Racing ($250 in '00) I've been running the L4 prokits since the car was new in '00. I upgraded to a set of Koni's a few years back. These springs are great for handling IMO, I drive my car with the body kit like I stole the SOB. I've also upgraded most...
  20. MrChad

    AEM V2 4cyl CAI

    Re: AEM V2 CAI 98-02 L2 2.3l SOHC Vtec Accord ULEV Accord's run a special CAT and O2 sensor setup, you shouldn't have any issues with AEM V2 intake what so ever. Be careful if you get a cat back or header installed, my CAT died from all the hammering on the old bolts to get them out. I'm...
  21. MrChad

    AEM V2 4cyl CAI

    Purchased From About $280 9.5/10.0 I've also posted these same comments in other forums you may visit: Not sure if anyone else here has ever run one. I had the prior original AEM CAI, and I do mean original -- as in back when they only came in one color light grey and the...
  22. MrChad

    Mileage swapping.... hear me out!

    I'd leave the Auto cluster in and pull all the bulbs that light up the shift indicator and call it a day. Better to keep the mileage IMO.
  23. MrChad

    Need new brakes

    I have the Hawk HPS pads they bite like now!!! but they dust bad and squeal when cold, I could care less give me the stopping power.
  24. MrChad

    Steering Wheel?

    I don't know how you swap a cheap POS like Momo in your ride, but this is how you put a TL/CL/MDX wheel in your car. I did this to my car, then Schmiddy's car. After that I think everyone started doing...
  25. MrChad

    nitrous dry kit

    Thanks for the correction, I wasn't aware that you could tie a window switch into the Zex system. But I did know that zex wasn't exactly like a window switch. I was under the impression that zex was nitrous for dummies. All the brains in one box under the hood. Given the strain on an...

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