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    Wa. State Wants to tax you based on engine displcmnt

    i'm from WA and never heard about this
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    Love movies but hate paying for them? Details inside

    you can also watch them at, they have the latest movies too
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    help get someone a free wedding

    i couldn't find where to vote the link doesn't show
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    head tracking w/ wii

    i wanna learn how to do this for my wii
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    video all new members should watch pretty funny
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    2008 Skyline GTR

    i don't get why he taped over the badges for
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    My Ep3 Photoshoot

    where's the cf hood?? nice car
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    Exchanging Money

    the US currency dropped so much, i remember back in the day where $100 US dollar would exchange for $150 canadian, but now they're just about even so you don't even have to exchange anymore. The border usually charges $5 canadian per exchange transaction fyi.
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    Favourite Dunk Pics

    "who's that OG 5'10" guard from atlanta who can dunk? small guy who won the dunk contet a long time ago? " that was spudd webb, he was probably 5'5" or 5'6"
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    This is gonna be a funny thread

    i was eatin some candy and choked on one and almost rear ended a truck that was slowing down ahead
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    How to get Tickets

    i think scalping is allowed in washington i see it all the time at seahawks and mariners games
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    New Member, some questions

    get a 94-95 legend coupe type2 6-speed if you can find one
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    Weird People

    how can anyone even think of doin something like that, let alone to actually act on it, that guy has some serious problems in his head
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    Fantasy Basketball

    i'll play if u start one
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    Champagne and wine!

    the only champagne i know of is cristal
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    summer is approaching....

    summer already started last week for me my plan is getting a new car ( in the searching process) and eventually going to vegas if my parents will help finance it
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    i4 exhaust clips(sound)

    try there's a lot of civic owners there
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    Need help finding unusable pistons for class presentation

    Junk yard?? they usually have the engine already ripped out
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    Whats wrong with your car?

    somebody from CA should try to get their 6th on pimp my ride, somebody has to be selected if it sounds that bad, see what they can do to a our accords
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    need help translating japanese!

    this is what i got when i typed in "your dick is small" あなたの嫌なやつは小さい
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    Super NSX's meet (great pics)

    check out the members there have some sexy nsx,
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    my sister-in-law messaged me from asia...

    there's one halogram card in every pack, i think
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    Ben & Jerry's Free Cone Day!

    damnit no ben & jerry around here
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    What is your real name.

    Spell Dung but pronounce Young
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    blown shocks

    I think my rear shock/strut may be blown but i'm not too sure, is there a way i can confirm it without taking it to a shop or taking apart anything cuz i'm at school and have no tools. If they are blown, how much longer can i still drive on them before something drastic happens, or should i...

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