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    dynomax, no premuffler

    i have 03 cl-s mufflers on my 02 v6, considering removeing the mid muffler (pre muffler) but still not sure about the resonator. any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.
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    HID help please

    i have a relay harness in my 2010 odyssey, and i have had the van for six months and also put the hids and have had them in for six months also, last night i was driving and both flickered then turned off, i then turned the headlight switch off and then on again and the came on for about 10-15...
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    DIY: daytime running lights!!! I DID ITT!!!

    hey man awesome effort, doing stuff yourself makes u appreciate your own skill. i have also done the drl, and love it, i think it looks cool and has that safety effect as well for daytime driving. i took it one step further, because like most people, i wanted to still have my high beams...
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    i have a system with 1000 watt four channel and a 1400 watt two channel, i used to have a 1000 watt four channel and a 800 watt two channel, i never had dimming until i upgraded from the 800 to the 1400 watt amp, i have 130 amp alt, optima red top, and ugraded all the grounds. i have hids and...

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