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  1. Ajaxn2

    One! is all good i will check in every once in a while!!! BE EZ!!!!!!!! ONE!
  2. Ajaxn2


    It has been really fun chatting it up with you all and thanks for all the help! I sold the 6th GEN a few months ago and I now have the 7th GEN. Not planning on doing anything to it for now but I am still a 6th GEN Fan. One LOVE to all of you! Catch you on the flip and take care of each...
  3. Ajaxn2

    I'm outta here

    Thanks for bringing me here and Be safe!
  4. Ajaxn2

    Dfw Meet

    pm is a coming!
  5. Ajaxn2

    Sick Leave

    LOL thats wild!!!!
  6. Ajaxn2

    My new Vehicle

    I had one in 2004 and i got rid of it before deploying and the 2nd kid......thinking that it was dumb to get rid of but next suv i get will probably be the Pilot!
  7. Ajaxn2

    guy gets FINED hard for using biodiesel

    That is Wack!!!
  8. Ajaxn2

    my DD ride 01 mazda protege ( sold my accord )56k ok

    Re: my new ride 01 mazda protege ( sold my accord ) Good Luck. I am not mad at you I sold mine to my sister in Law so it is in the fam but i went to the 7th GEN. Loved your car when i was in TN i wanted to get down so i could see yours because you were the inspiration for my to start modding...
  9. Ajaxn2

    My Weekend (a crapload) 56k warning

    hey badger 24 runs into 75 coming from Nashville!!! :) jk Nice pics and copying the one of the pens for the kid she loves pens @ 18 MO she loves pens ...damn happy feet commercialization
  10. Ajaxn2

    Import Wars Car Show 56k no no

  11. Ajaxn2

    rice rice, baby!

    id leave it will always make people look 2x's to see if it is what they thought they saw!
  12. Ajaxn2

    TN Meet Picture Thread!!! (Lots of pics)

    AWSOME MEET!!!! Wish i was still in TN i would have been all over that one!
  13. Ajaxn2

    indian guy caught cheating on phone

  14. Ajaxn2

    beer contains female hormones

  15. Ajaxn2

    sad kermit

    LMAO That is funny as all get out!
  16. Ajaxn2

    memorial day!

    I thank all of you guys for remembering all my military brothers and sisters on that day....drink a few for them!!!
  17. Ajaxn2

    Good news and Bad News!!!

    it is NICE :afro: I was telling my wife that they were the wheels off of the TL and she was like no way....they look kewl though and the Drop may be a bit she was in a giving mood up till yesterday when she drove it now she wants one too!!! :mad: more $$$ Out the door but i can see it as a...
  18. Ajaxn2

    Driving in New Jersey (THis is soo Accurate)

    LOL that is how it was coming in TO NJ from NY when i was a kid ....Glad to see it hasnt changed!!!
  19. Ajaxn2

    Good news and Bad News!!!

    new pics :driving: :driving: :driving: :peace: The new Ride Picked it up yesterday and it rained all day yesterday and today so i will repost new pics when it stops raining and i can clean her up!!! :afro: :driving:
  20. Ajaxn2

    what happened this morning?

    FIXED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Dog Gone SQL Errors!!!!!!
  21. Ajaxn2

    ATTN Talonisawd!

    the thing ended with a buy it now!
  22. Ajaxn2

    ok GAY WORLD !

    is kewl man again i agree with the fellows dont drive W/O license and thanks to your buddy for stepping up to get you where you need to go! Good Luck and June 20 is not that far off. Also make sure your Insurance is good too!! That will land you with a nice fine and suspended license too!!
  23. Ajaxn2


    Nice Collection and nice pics!
  24. Ajaxn2

    The Showdown Summer 2007

    lol that is awsome 6 is a killer!

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