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    xspower turbo kit

    The XS kit is crap, save the piping - which should be the only thing you use from it. If you do decide to go with this "kit", there is a lot of modification required and and many more parts needed in order to complete it. This has been discussed over and over all over the accord forums, use...
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    Re: crooked exhausts Make sure you buy mapp gas and the special fitting for it, and not just a regular blowtorch. It will be more expensive by about 5 bucks, but it burns a lot hotter. You'll need two people, and good luck doing it without a lift.
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    Re: crooked exhausts Heat up the pipe with a torch, stick a long metal bar down the exhaust pipe for leverage, and pull whichever way you need them to go. This is really only good for slight adjustments - pull too far and you may crush your piping. Don't forget the fire extinguisher, and try...
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    Car appears to want to shut off when I brake...

    Could also be a result of bad vacuum. I experienced similar symptoms and it ended up that one of my vacuum hoses was being pinched.
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    Exhaust Systems

    Check out the exhaust review thread:
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    CAT Heat Shields

    I just took my shield off for fixing yesterday and needed a 22mm...Could be a difference between the I4 and V6? And I agree, really don't see a need to replace them unless they are badly rusted and/or rattling. If yours has rusted past one of the screws like mine, I'd suggest just drilling...
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    CAT Heat Shields

    You'll need a 22mm wrench for the O2 sensor, a 12mm socket for the top side, and a 10mm socket for the bottom. A $50 labor charge is absolutely ridiculous, it will take you longer to jack up the car than to replace the shields. But what is so wrong with the shields that they need replacing?
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    Im dumb, blind or both.

    Here you go, 9 pages of 2.5 in inlet magnaflow mufflers:|Asc
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    damn headers and nuts

    Take it to a shop and have them remove the bolts you can't get off. I ended up having to do that a few weeks ago when I installed my headers. But first buy this: I have a set like this made by Husky, I believe. It's the best purchase...
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    Problem when blacking out tail lights

    It doesn't matter if you wiped off the alcohol. Alcohol molecules will generally stick to surfaces such as glass or plastic for up to 24 hours before they are actually evaporated. In your case, the alcohol could be interfering with the spray tint.
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    Re: j35 swap Fairly positive that the point of your thread was asking for opinions and advice, or else you wouldn't have started it in the first place. I gave you a fairly good perspective on engine price, and what to look for when buying used. I was trying to help you from getting screwed...
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    Re: j35 swap Eh....average price. The J32 cost me ~$450 with 60k, just to give you some perspective. Ask a LOT of don't know how long that motor has been could be seized up for all you know. And I agree, focus on one thing at a're well on your way to...
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    Just Got My Check!

    You should probably stay off bikes until you have a reality check. You will fall, it's just part of the game.
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    Just Got My Check!

    Save your money for medical bills.
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    Having fun with your accord?

    There's really nothing to complain about. These types of things come along with owning a car, and combined wouldn't take more than two hours of your time to fix. If you hate maintaining a vehicle so much, buy a bike...or better yet a skateboard.
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    Engine Theory, Build, Etc Discussion.

    I don't mean to turn anyone away from this site, but all of your questions will be answered if you venture over to v6p and do some up on NVA-V6's engine builds and work and you'll probably get a rough idea of what you want to do.
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    Engine Theory, Build, Etc Discussion.

    Yea that would pretty much be the best N/A setup you could go with without major engine modification...and with that setup...I wouldn't worry about boost. You're looking at around 270-300 whp N/A with the setup I posted. And I really don't know what you mean by they look badass...the heads...
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    Engine Theory, Build, Etc Discussion.

    J32 block and heads Honda odyssey crank - 3.5L Acura RL pistons rods - 3.5L and 11.5:1 cr Do NOT keep your j30 heads...they are the worst part about that motor.
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    Re: another 6SPD swap.. I say save some cash by going with the accord trans, you could probably buy a j32 in good shape with the money you would save.
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    Re: another 6SPD swap.. I really don't know why you'd be jealous of an auto j30.
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    New Pic's of my Baby

    I was worried for a second that your car wasn't even going to make it to 60 PS - i don't think he wasn't laughing about the messed up sound
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    LCA ball joint replacement...

    A ball joint press is used to get the old one out as well as put the new one in. Essentially a massive C-clamp. You will also need rent a ball joint separator kit(looks like a couple of tuning forks). Finally, you will need a fairly heavy hammer. Take the axle nut and brake caliper off...
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    S techs just came in today

    If you find that there are any parts you need, let me know. I've got a j30 that's been sitting in my garage since fall, and I'll be taking it apart either this week or next.
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    Not sure the problem please help, wheel/brake/turning/who knows?

    The shield will bend fairly easily, no need to replace it.
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    beware graphic! some disturbing pics

    That's a pretty desperate plea for attention...I feel no sympathy for these types of people.

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