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    Amp paired with what sub?!

    I dont know that there was hostility or argument or whatever I just thought Ryan didnt like me :sad: A ported box for a 10 can easily be about 1 cubic foot, especially with some polyfill sheets, plus port displacement so a little more gross volume in the trunk. If obtaining a good ported box...
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    Amp paired with what sub?!

    So much hostility ryan... it makes me sad :sad: I dont even really know what you are trying to say. Ported is much more efficient for this setup thats why I even brought it up. You own the rsd of course you are going to recommend it if you like it and I dont blame you, I tell everyone to get a...
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    Amp paired with what sub?!

    Thanks xx24xx for saying some other things I wanted to say without leaving a page long post lol. I wanted to recommend the 500 or 1500 series or even the audioque sd2.5 but those require ported designs...
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    Amp paired with what sub?!

    Well to be fair the sony xplod subs have gotten great reviews, a lot of people out there really dont know anything. Well you want a sealed 12, id recommend a ported 10 or 12, its so much more efficient with how low of power you have. Then you want some lows and some sq, with the possibilty of...
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    Amp paired with what sub?!

    A) no where near $1000 B) He wants an upgrade, and the phoenix isnt an upgrade, although it is decent at best... C) Do some research OP instead of listening to the first sub a random person tells you to get. If we all did that we would all have random subs that dont fit what we want but rather...
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    Headlight Coloring

    Ouch that hurts... paying for blackhoused headlights just to end up opening everything up anyway to switch out that amber strip... glad it all worked out for you though.
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    I think I definitely am the riciest so far lol, at least on accords
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    Hmm this is awesome... On my old camry chrome 14" hubcaps a fart can and 12" green neons under dash Accord(gulp): 1)Ebay projector halos with $49 6000k hids and the passenger side doesnt like to turn on 2)Xenon lip kit black with scratches on DEP car, and im missing the front lip 3)Painted...
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    New Sub Installed

    Haha I forgot about this thread... hows the sub soundin dharding?
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    DIY- Wheel painting

    haha I understand being low on fundage... Btw wasnt the duplicolor wheel clear coat the most amazing rattle can spray ever, I loved that stuff it went on so nice.
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    DIY- Wheel painting

    I hate all black rims at least you put the pinstripe to separate the rim from the tire. Very nice job man.
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    Been out of the audio world for awhile, help with front speakers

    I have the kicker ssmb6 in the doors and I love them, theyll pop a little too loud and too low but theyre fine down to 45 hz. The I have some 3.5" coaxials in pods on the a pillars with my own "crossover" from radioshack for 2 dollars. I turn my sub off from time to time just to enjoy the...
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    Front Mount Intake

    COOL COOL COOL I want three... Idk I think it would look cool to fill in the void behind the bumper but functionally it seems worthless
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    the sealed/ported discussion, box design, etc

    Haha your face looked like that setup was close to the brown note... But no one said sealed cant be loud just that ported is more efficient and louder with the same setup off the same power.
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    DIY: "Boat look" Remedy for Accords on Lowering Springs

    Just did this yesterday to my stock setup just to help out the stance since im poor. A couple of useful additions... Pull out the strut all the way, its not hard. If you have a friend helping you the whole time one of you can grind the fork while the other grinds the collar on the strut. I...
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    opinions plz: HID w/o harness?

    lol my ballasts are just shoved in tight nooks
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    Water Spots, i hate them.

    I didnt even know water spots were a serious issue... I always wash in the sun to get a little tan and never have issues and i have dark paint... When im done washing I hit the whole car with water then squeegie the windows and chamois the body, then use spray detailer with a microfiber cloth.
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    Mah system (INSTALLED!!!)

    Haha yeah thats what i was gonna tell him since he said to get it bumpin really loud lol. Oh well. Hmmm i do need to work on some vids
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    Mah system (INSTALLED!!!)

    What about plexiglass? like a full plexi enclosure?
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    Mah system (INSTALLED!!!)

    So im going to venture out and say it does about a 141 on the termlab, im a little dissapointed. My 15" q did 148.2 on some random mic at my local shop and a 142.3 on the termlab. The bl hit 147.1 at my local shop so in the 141 region on the termlab, and thats not legal either. Time to start...
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    How to tint the back lights..DIY

    So when i get bored I just read through threads, and im surprised every tint job on here has been done with that pactra stuff more or less. The first time i did mine i used some spray tint from a hobby store, decent stuff but it faded some after a year. About two months ago I had my buddy...
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    Re: mounting a cap caps=stupid... As far as mounting on a speaker box, everything in my car vibrates more than the outside of the box, Id say its probably your BEST mounting location on the box because if built right its thick wood that doesnt flex at all, so it will receive the least...
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    the sealed/ported discussion, box design, etc

    Those boxes look pretty cool. Im about to build a 6th order bandpass comp box tuned at 40 and 44 hz for a +14 db spike :naughty: over ported at 41 hz... or at least thats what winISD tells me. I like LOUDLOUDLOUD and sealed just cant do it for me, and ported can sound nearly as good, so for...

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