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    auto tranny flush

    I believe there are only two types of Honda Transmission Fluid, Honda ATF and Honda MTF
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    I need help

    Honda Transmission Fluid and only Honda Transmission Fluid
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    quick question guys

    Doubt they'd price match an internet price. Plus, the price difference between the stealership and online can't be that much. It should only be like $10-$12 at the stealership. Okay, I was mistaken. It's $17 plus tax at my local stealership.
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    DIY: Clean your IACV

    Is it possible to bleed the air bubbles out of the coolant by having a cold engine running with radiator cap off OR does the car need to run for 5 minutes (or however long it takes to get to normal operating temperature) with the cap off in order to properly bleed out the air?
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    Don't cheap out, because you'll really kick yourself for having to shell out more money to do it right after the cheap stuff craps out on you.
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    Hate to say it, but it looks like you're totally at fault in this one.
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    Good bye to my 6thgenaccord

    Passed it on to my brother.
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    Good bye to my 6thgenaccord

    Good luck with your new car. Very impressive with 245K on it. I'm buying a new car too, but unlike you, I'm a traitor, no longer in the Accord family. Hell, not even in the Honda family anymore. 2009 Mazda6 V6 :driving:
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    i have a check engine light

    Click here
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    400 miles on ~15 gallon fill up. Almost all highway with traffic. 105K, 4 Cylinder Auto.
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    How to replace starter

    Pun intended? :lawl:
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    Car is dying, I think. HELP. :[

    First off, I don't think it was a good idea for you to leave your car on and idling for an hour. As for the battery light, I think that means you need to replace your alternator, if I'm not mistaken. Sorry, don't know about your other issues.
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    DIY: Clean your IACV

    If you mean how to drain and fill coolant If you mean where to get rid of coolant that you already drained out, I think AutoZone and/or Kragen takes it.
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    DIY: Clean your IACV

    Do you also need to get the air bubbles out of the coolant by taking off the radiator cap and letting the car run since you disconnected the coolant hose?
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    DDM or O-Nex HIDs?

    You're so lucky to be getting it so quickly.
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    DDM or O-Nex HIDs?

    More so disappointed. It wasn't really them being slow, they couldn't do anything about it since they were waiting for the products to come in on a ship from China and demand for the Raptor kits was just so high.
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    DDM or O-Nex HIDs?

    I got mine almost exactly one month after I ordered it. Ordered on 2/24 and received on 3/20
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    dim HID

    Yeah, just pick up a DDM Tuning kit. They're digital, slim, have a lifetime warranty, and they're relatively cheap. Also, you might be interested to read this article about McCulloch kits not being genuine McCulloch products...
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    Power Steering Fluid Change

    Actually, no, I have not. Didn't think it would be related. What do you check for on motor mounts? Cracks? Thanks, for the link, I've already read through that thread. I know how to change it, I just want to know if it's necessary to change it. And no, I don't hear a high pitch...
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    Power Steering Fluid Change

    Is it necessary to change out the fluid and at what intervals? I'm getting like a rubbing squeaky sound whenever I turn the wheel. It's pretty faint, can't hear it if I have the radio on. Also, looking at the reservoir, the fluid looks black. I heard it's supposed to be red?
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    Heater Fan Trouble

    Are you talking about the middle vents? Because, from my experience, no air is supposed to come out of the middle vents when it's set on defrost.
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    Disneyland gives a free one park ticket on your exact birthday so that'll make someone's dreams come true.
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    HID kit Club!

    108 Raptor 6000K
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    Tranny dip stick

    On the 4 cylinder, when you're facing the engine bay, it is the to right of the battery at the very bottom. Yellow dipstick.
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    What is the correct procedure to change the power steering fluid?

    I haven't either but the fluid looks BLACK and I was under the impression that it's supposed to be red?

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