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    Problem with Throttle Body

    Hi guys, I recently had my auto swapped out for 5 speed. The mechanic said he couldn't find a 2000 ECU for me so he used a 2002 instead. I was wondering if the following problem is related to it. For some reason, I can rev my car pass red-line now o.O The problem is, I hear this...
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    Holy Fcuk.

    That happened to my car 2 years ago when i first got it. I think the problem i had was that the throttle body was so gunked up that when i'm cruising at low speed when the car is near idle, not enough air goes through and the engine just dies o.O I had a 3 step fuel system cleaning done and...
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    Car sits uneven...HELP!!!!

    I lowered my car with H&R springs and Koni shocks...but now my car sits unevenly!! The passenger side sits about an inch lower than the driver side -_- I have no idea what can cause it...the spring perches are all set at the same level...I don't know what's wrong!! Help!!:bash::bash:
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    Acura TL sway bars on Accord

    I just did the swap =P It barely clears the Exhaust hook. The car turned better around the corners after H&R but now it's like WHOAA. There's not too oversteering =O If anything...I think i still have some under steering...but i think it's because my stock shocks are finally gone...I did pull my...
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    Dfw Meet

    we can start off just getting together at a combined car meet? like the thursday night one @ spring valley and 75 or wednesday night one @ park & coit and we'll slowly group if that's what it takes...and then eventually we can break off into our own meet?
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    Dfw Meet

    Wow last time this was posted it was 2005 =O Im in plano! and it would be nice to have an accord meet!!:thumbsup:
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    You know you drive a 6th gen Accord when....

    Re: You know you drive an 6th gen Accord when.... ...When you pick up the passenger side's wiper blade first, you end up with the driver side's wiper stuck, and then you have reach over all the way to put down the passenger side's wiper blade and then re-do the sequence in opposite...
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    I got H&R Sport Springs...but im not sure...if someone can confirm for me the color of the springs...On H&R website the Sport is black and OEM is silver...and the springs i got from a guy that told me it was sport is sort of a dark silver color...i think the drop is about an inch or...
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    DC Sports Ceramic header noise?

    Yea!!! My car has been making that stupid weird whistling sound ever since after i put my first CAI in my car -_- and I can't figure out why >.< I dont care if it keeps whistling...but not knowing where it came from is killing me:bash:
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    Offiical 6th Gen Wheels Thread

    Here's mine =] 15" Enkei / 205/60/15 Yokohama YK520
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    K I'm giving up on putting the tweets in the dash lol

    I don't think my stock tweeters work o_O :run:
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    Bosch Icon Wipers

    Re: Product: Bosch Icon Wipers I really liked them myself! :thumbsup: Here's my 2 cents Pro: Beautiful designs Tightly hugs the windshield Little streak to most of the time no streak Really gets the water off the windshield, faster drying time Quiet Con: Sometimes the driver...

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