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    FS: F&F type 2s for sale in NY -- SOLD

    Re: F&F type 2s for sale in NY Pm'd
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    FS: F&F type 2s for sale in NY -- SOLD

    Re: F&F type 2s for sale in NY So the new dampening adjustment knob will come with them or have you already replaced it and it needs another one? Just a little confused on what the post is saying. thanks
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    02J4accord's 02 Accord Sedan EX (56k)

    Yea. I seen it done on another accord, cant remember where. I really like that it was out of the way and still very functional. I miss my air suspension. Its a custom shifter that I made. I wasnt part of this site when I did it and had no idea how people where shorting that extra long...
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    FS: Function Form Type 1 Coilover

    What set did you go wiith now? Why these r bein replaced? Do they come with wrenches? thanks
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    02J4accord's 02 Accord Sedan EX (56k)

    Thanks. Hopefully latter this summer I have time to do a few more mods. I cant decide on a set of coils, lol. I like the sportline's ride but I want to go a bit lower.
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    FS: henreeezy part-out (4dr, 4bngr)

    What are the spring rates on these coils? How many miles (that you know of) on them? thanks
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    FS: Rota p45R 17X9.5 +12 with 215/45/17 Kumho Zetum tires...

    I envy this setup. I could never pull this off in memphis because the roads suck balls. Are you still able to turn, damn glws
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    Extended Top Hats

    Well it was the first time I did it but it doesnt seem to hard. Cant see how I would have screwed that up, lol.
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    Extended Top Hats

    The top threaded bolt did put a little whole in the heat shield but it is not touching the actual hood. Idk why mine was different but the tophats where near riding the bumpstops.
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    Extended Top Hats

    So after installing my Sportlines on my FACTORY struts (yes I know I will be talked down upon for this), my top hats where riding on the bump stops. So I did some reading and I found people made or bought extended top hats to correct for this. I could not find them for our car so to the...
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    02J4accord's 02 Accord Sedan EX (56k)

    updated 5-25
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    FS: Used 98-02 accord 4 dr type r front lip(polyurethane)

    Will this fit the 02 sedans? Folding it up like that does not leave stress marks?
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    FS: Kashmeister's FS Thread! Lots of goodies **UPDATED 5-12-11**

    Re: Kashmeister's FS Thread! Lots of goodies **UPDATED 4-23-11** Whats the reason for taking off the rotors? Might be interested, I will be changing my pads soon and might just change out the rotors while I have them apart. Do they wear out the pads faster?
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    jeff's 01 accord/updated 8/11/11 56k is not safe.

    Re: jeff's 01 accord 5spd flushhh-ishh/updated 3/3/11 56k is not safe. I luvin the wheel/tire setup. Really nice
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    my 02 v6 accord "New Pix"

    Re: My V6 Accord comments are welcome Looks nice. Is that just the pic or are the tails really blue?
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    02J4accord's 02 Accord Sedan EX (56k)

    Thanks guys
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    02J4accord's 02 Accord Sedan EX (56k)

    Thanks, its just the factory color. I dont know the name r anything. I was having problems with the wiring to the compressors. I kept burning fuses when they would kick back on. I didnt know what was going on and took it off. Never had time to mess with it to put it back on. Im living in...
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    Meximan's 5spd wtb.

    Re: Meximan's wanted/ i item f/s Are they OEM headlights with the DIY blackhousing and LEDs? thanks
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    FS: OEM Acura TPMS (56k)

    Could this be used in our cars that do not allready have this system? How much would it take to get them to work? Is it worth the time and money to put in in the 6th gen? thanks
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    stupidaznmunkeys 99 4dr accord v6

    Like the acura rims with the H emblem. Nice touch.
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    EGGS 2001 Accord,sedan,lx 56k

    Re: Updated (12/14/10)EGGS 2001 Accord,sedan,lx 56k I like the retrofit hids. Do them yourself?
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    02J4accord's 02 Accord Sedan EX (56k)

    Thanks guys. Idk how to rely to specific post without replying twice. I got some side emiting leds, so clear reflection should still show behind. Ima do it and then see how it looks. If it doesnt look good, then I'll pull them out. no biggy p.s. I like the stance/wheel combo that you...
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    02J4accord's 02 Accord Sedan EX (56k)

    A few updates pics Engine / Performance -cold air intake -4-2-1 header -test pipe cat -2.5" piping to magnaflow glasspack then flowmaster series 10 dual out 2.25" (sounds surpisingly nice, I wanded something different and thats what I got) -homemade short shifer Suspension...
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    How to use Seafoam

    I waited 15 min. Most the the smoke that came out was white. It wasnt like a dirty black or anything. It cant be it was too clean, Im right at 150,000 miles. I used unjector cleaner just about every oil change though. Idk if that makes a difference. I followed what was posted here...
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    7ender's 02 Accord Sedan [new pics 5/23]

    Re: 7ender's Hellaflush 02 Accord Sedan Bad *** stance. Im really considering going down from 19 to 18x9.5 now. Maybe during the summer. Props