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    oh my bad. still looks good
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    looks good but put tht center emblem back on. like them wheels
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    Which Tip??

    say no to drugs and cf n1 OG is the best of the three
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    THE Ultimate, end-all guide to doing an OBDII to OBDI conversion on a 6th gen accord!

    Re: THE Ultimate, end-all guide to doing an OBDII to OBDI conversion on a 6th gen acc swapping IM's is not worth the OBD-I swap. simplicity is king :badger:
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    Bored. Took some new pics

    i love tht drive from the ferry to 9a. i might have to steal tht spot from ya
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    Should I do it???

    my cousin has one. typical dsm issues, but he loves it and wouldnt trade it in for anything.
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    james from west palm beach

    well, i wish to thank you all for your help and knowledge, but i must say that i will not be an owner of the cg accord anymore. gonna sell it to my girlfriends little brother as his first car for a grand. i'll tell him to join up here. but i decided that without some knowledge of the ease of...
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    JMillerF23A1's M.R. & Progress Thread (56k No Way!)

    looks good, i saw on ebay an open grille mod for sedans much like the ones coupes. i think it would look alot better than the missing emblem great overall progression
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    DIY H23 Head on a F23 Block (G23)

    ok, it looks like this option maybe out the window.
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    Oil Leak After Turbo

    try running the engine and see where the oil leaks/drips from. make sure to wipe off the old oil first.
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    DIY H23 Head on a F23 Block (G23)

    has anyone actually did one diy or have the few people that have done it been done by shops? it seems a slight more complicated than the f22 block which is a straight bolt up.
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    Oil Leak After Turbo

    my appologies, your a v6. different dizzy
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    Help with oxygen sensor?

    the universal ones that you posted need to have the old plug cut off and rewired onto the new one. the other ones, oe spec, are direct replacement denso is a reputable brand but i never used their o2 sensors
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    Help with oxygen sensor?

    ill try to help you before this gets closed primary secondary as you can see, they have 2 different parts numbers iono where a good place to buy them but i assume your local auto parts store may have some if not universal ones that need rewiring
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    Oil Leak After Turbo

    actually, all you would have to replace is the o ring on the dizzy
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    White crab spider w/ pink stripes

    its a defense mechanism for certain spiders, usually the small ones, to change colors to mimic their surroundings so says my girlfriend
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    Oil Leak After Turbo

    how much oil are we talking here?
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    Made a pretty gangsta intake for my car last night...

    it just protects dirt and unwanted particles from damging the fins and possibly the engine, i have a 3" foam filter on my cb, wish i had some room to make an intake on mine
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    Euro 2008

    i mean seriously never saw that coming
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    Euro 2008

    croatia vs. turkey match was the best game so far. i never thought turkey would score the tying goal
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    james from west palm beach

    im debating on the future of this car. either turbo it(need lots of parts) throw on my f22b(h23) head off my cb7 and turbo it(just need ic piping) or part out the car and just keep the cb7 turbo
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    anyone else here havng photobucket issues?

    i can't access my photo bucket or my girls. it seems it was hacked and some people cant get in. i cant even see peoples pictures that are posted and some sigs this suxs
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    teh most complete/calm ricer ive ever seen

    mmm, purple vtec fluid
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    darth vader... just in time for halloween this year

    too bad its not one of those 10 dollar deals
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    Rev limited at 3K

    post the cel