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  1. 01exv6

    TB coolant bypass with valve?

    Thanks guys, I just wanted to know if anyone had tried it before, since I hadn't seen it in any of the threads. Right now I need the option of changing it back because it gets too cold here in the winter. I did try some zipties, but somehow it fell off lol.
  2. 01exv6

    TB coolant bypass with valve?

    Hey guys, long time no see. Summer's here again and I've been thinking about the tb coolant bypass again. I tried it a year or two ago and I definitely felt a difference...despite what everyone argues :D ...when it is hot outside. HOwever, the caps kept coming off of the tb and dust was getting...
  3. 01exv6

    6k HIDS :)

    lol thread fail... that is all :doh:
  4. 01exv6

    Hello from indiana

    Bump for an old thread but I just moved to Indy. I live up near carmel, and go to IUPUI for grad school now. Hope to see some midwestern 6thgen owners one of these days.:squintwave:
  5. 01exv6

    6k HIDS :)

    Been a while since my last post but.....lookin good. I just ordered some DDMs 35W 6000K. Are yours 55W or 35W?
  6. 01exv6

    Question about volume control

    sorry to bump such an old thread but this has been happening to me for the last couple months and its so annoying. ill be listening to a song and when i want to turn it up it will change to the next track or if i need to turn it down ill push the volume down and it gets drives me up...
  7. 01exv6

    DIY LED's in Headlight (like Audi R8)

    yea the audis are soo bright its ridiculous...the super bright leds they use are so expensive tho. mine are visible in the daytime, they are the brightest ones i could get for what i wanted. at night they look sick though.
  8. 01exv6

    Blackhoused and LED'ed finally :)

    nice job lookin good...led ftw:thumbup:
  9. 01exv6

    New To The 4 Door

    welcome...sedan ftw!!
  10. 01exv6


    no man i drove a 6thgen with a vtec sticker the other day and it was definitely faster than mine without the sticker...keep that ****!!!!!
  11. 01exv6

    finally got my car back

    yea its nice to have a brand new bumper and hood with no scratches or bug marks i actually am from dunedin over in pinellas...just got back up to gville tho, spring breaks lol
  12. 01exv6

    finally got my car back

    So I finally got my car back...I had to drive up to gainesville and back home last thursday to pick it up since the repair shop couldnt get it done before spring break. It took them 23 days to fix and the total damage was around $4600. They also didnt put the coupe bumper and hood on my car...
  13. 01exv6

    f*ckkkkkk it finally happened (56k go away)...

    sick i didnt even know about it, ill definitely have to come sometime...if my car ever gets fixed. i got a call from the body shop today and they said that one of the motor mounts is broken so i cant get my car back until monday....except i was planning on going home for spring break tomorrow. i...
  14. 01exv6

    It happened to me.

    damn thats some bull****, there is no way they didnt feel that....i cant belive they cracked the bumper that badly. gl getting everything fixed up, i hate seeing the accord in bad shape :(
  15. 01exv6

    Accord2Show V6 Coupe

    damn man i love your car...prob the sickest 6thgen coupe ive seen. so clean and pure sex. nice work
  16. 01exv6

    f*ckkkkkk it finally happened (56k go away)...

    i finally got my car to the shop today so they can start working on it...they said i would probably need a new hood too, and they said they could order a coupe bumper and hood if I wanted....just to double check, i know an 01 coupe hood and bumper will fit on my 01 sedan, my question is will it...
  17. 01exv6

    f*ckkkkkk it finally happened (56k go away)...

    haha im not sure, i just put it because im a sheep and i put it like everyone else does when they have pictures...i feel like not many people have it anymore either
  18. 01exv6

    f*ckkkkkk it finally happened (56k go away)...

    damn i wish someone was there to warn me about the gigantic buick coming towards me haha :eusa_wall:
  19. 01exv6

    f*ckkkkkk it finally happened (56k go away)...

    yea happened in gville on 13th street...dont ever drive there at 5:30 pm lol. thanks is crazy how much of a beast the accord is, it held together well and drove home perfectly. the other guys POS buick had both airbags go off, a huge crack in the windshield, and he couldnt even...
  20. 01exv6

    f*ckkkkkk it finally happened (56k go away)...

    thanks everyone...ill see what i can get from that insurance. i am really thankful that i wasnt hurt because then I'd have a whole other clusterf*ck to deal with. putting in those leds again is going to be a bitch, but hopefully my car will have a lip and look even sicker. i dont know why...
  21. 01exv6

    f*ckkkkkk it finally happened (56k go away)...

    if my hood is bent i definitely want to get a coupe bumper and hood...they look so much sicker, and i can get fogs
  22. 01exv6

    f*ckkkkkk it finally happened (56k go away)...

    hah thanks for the replies guys... yeah im pissed i gotta redo it. i cut the led strip out and im going to test it to see if i can salvage it. hopefully i can get the money for a lip, thats what i was thinking. one thing thats weird is that when i try to lock my doors the horn will not beep...
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    ...2 days later
  24. 01exv6

    f*ckkkkkk it finally happened (56k go away)...

    i was pulling out of my buddys apartment today onto a 4 lane road with a center turn lane the whole way down. taking a left and the traffic in the 2 lanes closest to me was backed up because it was near rush hour, so 2 cars stopped and let me cross into the middle lane to turn. im pulling out...