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    99 to 01 motor swap

    No not all have it 98-99 mostly had distributors 00-02 mostly came with coil packs. Thanks for your help tho this is my first j to j swap
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    FS: Auto J32A2

    Hey was your engine originally coil packs? I'm having trouble with mine. No spark. I changed the harness and ecu as we'll
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    99 to 01 motor swap

    Hi there my fellow 6th gen owners I need urgent help. I just recently swapped my 99 motornand trans for One off a 02. Now my problem is that one engine use A distributer and the other one has coil packs. I've swapped Out everything including the harness and ecu. After all that it won't start...
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    ***HGUZMAN90's 00 ACCORD v6***UPDATED PICS No 56K ***

    how low are you bro perfect right height. seem like you'll get over those bumps easy.
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    FS: lots of stuff !!

    serious buyer here. im interested in the lids and mud guards. mud guards only if you include the set, oh and what year are the mud guards off of? hit me up as soon as possible so we can make a deal
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    »Form follows Funtion« MikeyMike's »3.5 »S/c »6 Speed MT »Coupe [Updated 2/20/11]

    DAMM i would buy it off of you but im way out in vegas man..
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    Nick's CG3 (UPDATE 5/30/16)

    Re: SSMNVCG3's 01 ex coupe (56k) (Update 6/3/13) Rice to Nice!:ohsnap:
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    Nick's CG3 (UPDATE 5/30/16)

    Re: SSMNVCG3's 01 ex coupe (56k) (Update 6/3/13) :rock::rock:
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    V6 coupe cg2 (56k)

    Re: V6 coupe cg2 Poo shoots? Lol thanks man! Yeah sounds great tho I'm going to change the exhaust tips to a more stock looking style. The guy who owns that white cl gave me a good deal on them.
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    V6 coupe cg2 (56k)

    Re: V6 coupe cg2 Thanks I'll put some pics up soon. Yeah haha it is it belongs to buddy of mine.
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    Stockies or Steelies w/tires. $100

    I have some stock v6 16in five spoke rims. im located in vegas 130 with tires if you pick up. two of my tires have less than 6k on them check out my cars thread and hit me up if your interested
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    I need ex wheels

    I have some stock wheels bro even have tires two are bran new less than 5k on them look on my car thread and hit me up if your interested. they are five lug v6 five spoke rims
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    FS: Sold please close

    Re: OEM Accord floor mats w/ logo (black) CHEAP!! whats your price to be shipped to vegas?:afro:
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    FunnyVictor86's CG6 *06-10-12*

    where did you get those head lights man?:ohsnap:
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    AFAccord's *Boosted* 400+hp F23 Accord Coupe EX-L

    saw your video on youtube man, all I can say is holly ****!! lol:thumbup:
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    V6 coupe cg2 (56k)

    Re: v6 coupe cg2 thanks it worked
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    Laurence's 98 EX Coupe 5spd

    what type of fogs are those?
  18. IMG 20130511 215550

    IMG 20130511 215550

  19. DSC 0021

    DSC 0021

  20. IMG 20130511 14

    IMG 20130511 14

  21. IMG 20130511 123827

    IMG 20130511 123827

  22. DSC 0114

    DSC 0114

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    V6 coupe cg2 (56k)

    This is my 99 Honda accord EX-v6. Ive had her for almost a year now and so far its been love at first sight lol not done yet so there will be more to come. Please feel free to leave thoughts, comments below. I am always looking for great ideas or recommendations, new to the form but hoping to...
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    FS: CG Squad Decal & Lanyard

    Re: CG Squad Lanyard & decal and LEDs w/ DIY install videos how can i buy the lanyard and the sticker?