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    Auto Tranny Failure?

    4 cylinder. Fluid was good, already checked. The car has over 150,000 miles.
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    Auto Tranny Failure?

    Lately, my tranny has had problems shifting at higher speeds. It will drive ok at lower speeds, but at higher speeds (above 55) it won't seem to shift correctly. I'll hit the gas and the rpm's will shoot up, but the speed will hardly increase. The worst is on a hill. I'll rape the gas pedal and...
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    I've gotten a $370 ticket for just 24 over. I doubt you'll get a plea bargain for something that huge. You're luck you have a dad that would bail you out. Mine sure wouldn't haha
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    ****Imports at UCI**** (Coverage)

    Can you legally marry a car?
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    How did you wire your subwoofer?

    I've used that bolt for years and I've never had grounding issues. If I were you, I'd open up the amp and check for any burns. It's pretty obvious when an amp is fried.
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    Amp power cable through firewall.

    grommet behind the fusebox under hood
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    Strasse Forged IS250 revisited

    I just came.
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    Official LIGHTS Picture thread!

    Hm, she was at Warped Tour. If I had known about her, I probably would have checked her out. In both connotations.
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    Amp and sub

    Hmmm, double check all the connections?
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    steelies color

    Airbrush a liger onto them. They're like my favorite animal ever.
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    High RPM's????

    Guilty. My mother leaves the e-brake on after she drives and I never even bother checking. She's from China. Alot of hills in China?
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    Top 5 Noob questions (Writing an article)

    1. i found this perfomance chip on ebay for $15. should i expect at least 55hp? 2. how good are the ebay projector lights?!?!?! and somebody just needs to tell them its spelled vtec damnit
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    OFFICIAL JDM H22A1 group buy socal

    it's not gonna drop right in. you'll have to do some modifications
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    Push Start

    maybe if you had a hookup with the department of homeland security...hmm
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    Intake question

    did you search at all? thats a rhetorical question btw no you cant do it without a socket set and no dont get someone to help cause it's the easiest mod of all time. if you choose to get a cai, you will need to remove the resonator below the airbox. theres like two bolts holding it in. i had to...
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    walmart makes a scosche one. its junk. save your money and take your girl on a date
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    Color Schemes

    Hood and trunk should always be carbon fiber, not black. =]
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    I used the same thing, but mine did peeled a little. No big deal or anything. Probably just something I did wrong.
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    painting car... opinions

    I know it's not what you want to hear, but $800 won't give you a decent paint job. Prices vary from place to place, but unless you have connections, you'll be spending around $2k for a job. Don't cheap out on paint, cause when it starts to chip and what not, you're just gonna have to spend more...
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    flip out head unit

    go with a high quality double-din unit like the avic-x710bt for a more oem look, but get a good alarm system to go along with it
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    2010 calendar?

    how are the cars picked? is it one person picking them or does t he community vote the top 12 out of a larger pool?
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    The Car Audio FAQ

    For me, it was the entire trunk lid. I unscrewed those rubber stoppers about half a turn, allowing the lid to seal tighter. It helped alot, but I've never seen a trunk that didn't rattle even a little. Sound deadener(sp?) would help even more by adding extra mass.
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    paint or no paint?

    If the clear coat is the only damage on your rear bumper, you should be able to use high grit sand paper to sand it down and then shoot a few more coats of clear on it. Just make sure you know what you're doing. I too am interested in the fate of this dog. If someone hit my kitty cat I'd be so...
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    1998 Accord Sound System HELP

    after providing your speakers with the appropriate rms ratings using a good quality amplifier, the clarity should increase more than volume if your gains and what not are all set correctly.
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    Headlight Coloring

    I wouldve used a blowdryer if I had thought of it at the time. But it was like 1 in the morning