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    My car got new shoes today.

    noice :D
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    Everyone else getting new cars

    Nice pick up.. just recently did a twisty run with a few G/Z
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    SOCAL NINJAS! i need your help...

    when you coming back roy.. what the hell are you doing in asia?
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    test firing the camera ***4 pics inside***

    Your car just looks plain awesome... very cleeeaann me likey
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    Look what i just purchased...

    Good find i use to have one then i gave it to a friend of mine when i got rid of the accord.. very rare item i just got lucky just like you.. it looks good if you don't have a trunk spoiler or at least just a lip spoiler would be alright
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    pictures from GT-R test drive (56k warning)

    Very nice car.... it does look good in white
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    Updated Pics with new camera!

    Love that drop on your car... nice RSX too.. gotta love the canon SD750 i have the same
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    not an accord PART 2 UPDATE

    Re: not an accord Boo bimmer! Lol j/p... Nice ride... drop and wheels oh and tint
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    do u guys think my house owners are a$$holes?

    A**holes!!!! :D You forgot to put a car cover on your car roy...LOL
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    My homies G35

    It's a JDM thang lol... im surprised he didn't have the SKYLINE and 350GT badging in the back... don't like the fogs and hood.. wheels are alright they're AXIS wheels i believe... he needs a nismo front lip As far as his IS not feeling the color of his wheels.. everything else looks fine.. i...
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    paid subscription?

    In another forum im in, it's optional to pay a certain amount for a premier member which gets you access to a grip of stuff... i'd be glad to help out the site don't care if i dont have the accord anymore...
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    three accords and an is300 *sorry 56K*

    Sweet looking cars.... the 8th gen coupe is growing on me.. i saw a white one just a few days ago, with some kind of lip kit on it it looks hot!
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    Forza 2 Crew

    wow didn't know you guys still play forza.. i haven't played my 360 for a while now.. been addicted again to counter strike.. when do you guys race?
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    Finally dropped!!!!

    maybe its just your wheel and tire setup but drop looks good
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    Here's the new whip boys and girls!(UPDATES!!)

    Re: Here's the new whip boys and girls!!!!!!!!!! No manual mode???!!!! weak! LOL j/p man nice car
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    my fit v2.0 :D

    +1, been there done that, its like ridin on a horse bouncy as hell and bottoms out so bad OP nice FIT tastefully done
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    Pics of my 6th gen and my gf new mustang

    I like the stang without the stripe.... i like your fogs
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    new wheels...

    I like those wheels i had the same ones on my civic before....
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    some cars i see a lot these days....

    Nope sorry roy don't see a lot of them... :lawl: Are you still in asia??!!!
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    Final pics of my car before I move on

    what you getting?
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    The DE-Riceation has started ...

    Wow.. i guess its really been a while since i last visited the site... i need to visit you guys more often.. damn bunniesz is driving an IS, roy going on vacation etc. wow just wow... a lot of new stuff going on.... LOL Nice upgrade dude.. love that car...
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    got tint done on my is350, PIX Inside =)

    A little light IMO.. drop looks good.. getting wheels soon? you have the 350 right?
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    Zen Motors Grand Opening/Car Show...56K Fail...

    OMG is that a skyline?!!!! LOL:hihi: Definitely a supra...
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    *Official Non 6th gen Accord Member Car Thread*

    Always wanted a G35 coupe.. dealer didn't have any that day i went so a buddy of mine that works for infiniti let me test drive one of the new sedans and i was just sold.. gas mileage kinda sucks though makes me wish sometimes i still have my accord lol BMW is BMW.. about 10G's more if i...