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  1. nsjames

    Front upper control arms.

    tubular or what? If the bushings are available they're not hard to change. Torch out old bushings, put new bushings in freezer overnight, grease them and use a press to stick them in. If you don't have a press, find a shop that does. They'll pobably charge you like $20 to press bushings in.
  2. nsjames

    Help! Engine cuts out and loss of power steering when coasting / braking

    I'd look at IACV or vacuum leak. sounds like the ECU is unable to get the idle control right.
  3. nsjames

    Grinding noise when turning right

    ball jints don't rotate unless you're steering, so it's not that. They usually make clunking noises. when you turn right the weight shifts to the left side, and since it only happens when you're in the throttle it's almost certainly something in the left front. If it happened all the time...
  4. nsjames

    blast from the past

    don't hold out man, we know you got nudes somewhere.
  5. nsjames

    Grinding noise when turning right

    agreed. bearing or cv joint most likely. when you turn open diff sends power to the outer wheel.
  6. nsjames

    ABS Light

    your autozone has a scanner capable of reading anything other than powertrain? cause if so, that's a first.
  7. nsjames

    Another backyard paint project

    single stage paint? enamel? interested in the paint and what you thinned it down to. HVLP spray I assume? I needs to paint a much larger project soon.
  8. nsjames

    tranny questionnnnnn

    doesn't matter. all mated to the same shitty 4 sp autotragic. find you a better platform to start with if you want to play big horsepower games.
  9. nsjames

    Fumes/Smoke from coolant leak!

    my magic 8 balls says: uncertain
  10. nsjames

    tranny questionnnnnn

    in this economy.......
  11. nsjames

    having a problem with me 99 accord v6

    park it nose high, turn heat to max. pull radiator cap run until thermostat opens. replace coolant as the level drops.
  12. nsjames

    Car didn't start this morning

    ox gard is your friend ;)
  13. nsjames

    Transmission fluid

    my wife's got a high school reunion saturday (awesome fun I'll have there) and sunday is father's day, otherwise I'd come down that way and see you. mid ohio is a nice facility. I'm probably going to make the vintage racing end of this month.
  14. nsjames

    New AC compressor,still nothing..

    jump 12v to the compressor clutch. If it works, it's something in your control circuit. i'd look hard at the pressure switch. Make sure it's getting 12v. If it is, then the switch is probably bad, if it isn't, something wrong with the circuit and you'll have to trace it back to the fuseblock.
  15. nsjames

    How to make rear bumper side markers on my sedan blink...

    diodes, you needs them. but then you're into it with a relay or two as well. in short, yes, it can be done, but it's going to be a PITA because you need to have the power separated for the parking and turn circuits, otherwise your turn circuits will back feed the parking lamp circuit and...
  16. nsjames

    Transmission fluid

    meh, nevermind. Turns out the dealership parts place is open on saturdays, so I'll just go get some DW-1 from there tomorrow. Only 8 bucks a quart.
  17. nsjames

    Transmission fluid

    What's the consensus? I need to service mine. I don't feel like going through the hassle of getting DW-1 shipped and what not. What's at the parts store that meets the specs?
  18. nsjames

    Cops are Haters.

    "I do not consent to searches of my person and property." is the standard line. Usually followed by "Am I being detained under the suspicion of committing a crime?" which is usually followed by "So I'm free to go then?" If the answer is yes, off in less than 10 minutes. If the answer...
  19. nsjames

    Car didn't start this morning

    check all cables and grounds. and when I say check, I mean actually take them apart and inspect them. I'll bet you find a chassis ground that is nasty underneath.
  20. nsjames

    vtec solenoid help asap!

    you know, you probably ought to check the oil regularly, like every time you fill up the car. These are older cars, they have leaks and use oil. You need to keep up on it or you'll end up with a paperweight for a motor. using 10w-40 will not slow your oil consumption either. Stick to the spec.
  21. nsjames

    Cops are Haters.

    fast driving=shitty driving when done on public streets. if you want to drive fast take that shit to the track. damn, I'm old these days, but seriously, you're doing 15 MPH over the speed limit consistently, and you blame he appearance of your car? :fail: I've driven a truck with no rear...
  22. nsjames

    PIDs in torque and dashcommand

    So my super nifty Kiwi Bluetooth adapter came today. It's neat for basic stuff, but I'd like to find and use all the other PIDs in the ECU. thus far I've been unable to find hex codes and such to add them as custom PIDs. anyone have a resource for this?
  23. nsjames

    vtec solenoid help asap!

    first off, check the oil level. secondly jump the solenoid with 12v to see if it's working, you should hear a click. thirdly, check the vtec pressure sensor with an ohm meter. this will likely be of great help.
  24. nsjames

    Changing trunk from manual pull to electronic

    My SE has the cable and the remote button release. You want me to get a picture of that arrangement?
  25. nsjames

    Asap dash light go on when car running

    have you stuck a meter on the battery while running? you can always take it to a parts sore and they'll load test it.