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  1. 02AccordSir

    Accord2Show V6 Coup updated 3-26

    Re: Accord2Show V6 Coup Wow, clean ride bro....props on the audio setup for sure
  2. 02AccordSir

    LitoCG2Rider 02 Accord Coupe V6 Updated : 2/13

    Re: LitoCG2Rider 02 accord coupe Wow, never thought gold and red would look that good
  3. 02AccordSir

    Amazing Car Theft!!!!!!!

  4. 02AccordSir

    Jace's 98 Accord Sedan LX

    I def like it, one suggestion, get a CF hood if you have the trunk
  5. 02AccordSir

    Urethane or Fiberglass?

    If you have the $ go with eurathane, much better investment
  6. 02AccordSir

    got a new ride.

    much better than a 4th gen, lol
  7. 02AccordSir

    need some low end power.

    From what ive seen an SRI will not make you loose torque, it will actually gain it, its CAI that looses just a little bit, as for the throttle body spacer, it works better on V6 or V8 cars, on our cars it gives you a little bit in the mid rpms but nothing noticible. Good luck bud.
  8. 02AccordSir

    New Subwoofer Setup...UPDATED

    Looks nice, i like the black leather look.
  9. 02AccordSir

    New Mugen CIVIC RR !!!

    the tails resemble 6th gen sedan ones, I like it, but not for 38k, for that much $ you can make a regular civic look better and perform better.
  10. 02AccordSir

    Ping Pong GODS!!!!

    well, the time that most of us spend on tuning and reading about tuning cars, they spend playing pong, i like our way better, haha
  11. 02AccordSir

    ADR wheels

    Nice rims...and I have ADRs, some old school Top-Flites, and they had stickers on the lip
  12. 02AccordSir

    Che che check ittttt... New Look/New Pics

    Definitely nice color, cant wait to see the photoshoot
  13. 02AccordSir

    Ping Pong GODS!!!!

    Never play beer pong against these kids!!!
  14. 02AccordSir

    AZ 6th gen accord meet

    Well, im gonna be busy as hell for a bit with work, maybe in a little bit I will try my best to make it out. Im leaving to seattle for 3 weeks at the end of July, maybe after that
  15. 02AccordSir

    Accord Meet '07 - The Aftermath (long story)

    That sucks bro, my tranny is starting to put put its way to honda heaven as well. Keep us updated with the swap
  16. 02AccordSir

    Newbie in need of some help

    I agree, I think what you could do, depending on how good you are with custom work and stuff, is use the space in the trunk where there is that plastic sleeve, remove that, put bottle there and just fabricate a cover for it that would blend in with the trunk, or you can create a false wall...
  17. 02AccordSir

    Bxflyist COUPE!!!!

    wow, thats almost identical, minus the color and the eyelids
  18. 02AccordSir

    08 accord unmasked from vtec!!!

    I think the coupe looks nice, i dont know about the back though, and I hope honda throws something under the hood that can compete with altimas 280hp. I think the black coupe with 19" will look sick though, depending on $ I might have to get one of these and get rid of my sedan
  19. 02AccordSir

    AZ 6th gen accord meet

    I'm one from tucson
  20. 02AccordSir

    What The Hell Happened To This RX-7?

    Thats what happens when you piss someone off :)
  21. 02AccordSir

    Wondering about cost and a good shop around so AZ for swap

    Hey, I live in Tucson AZ, and my tranny, like many other 98-02 accords is starting to put put its way to tranny heaven. I was wondering how much labor would cost to do a H22 swap with a 5spd tranny? From what I found I can get a motor from the later model preludes that are ODB2 with a 5spd...
  22. 02AccordSir

    The Power Of Mcguair's Plastic Cleaner

    wow, nice, didnt think it would work that well
  23. 02AccordSir

    Interior Vinyl Material

    Yeh the 02 SEs come with burlwood accessories already installed
  24. 02AccordSir

    Dent removal ?

    Wonder if this will work on smaller dings, anyone know if this will ruin your paint?