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  1. russiansohcf23

    | Bagged | ** 2011 335i E90**

    Hey guys its been WAYYYYYYY too long since I've been here... I know I didn't have the nicest 6th Gen but it was my first car that I owned and learned a lot about it and gain so much information from Speeding up things I owned a 2009 Civic Si that I had for about 3 years but I...
  2. russiansohcf23

    ★ Russianred's CD5 Saga ★

    Re: ★ Russianred's CD5 Daily★ Looking good Nikita! Can't wait till its finished!
  3. russiansohcf23

    Its been awhile...

    Hey guys its been awhile since I've been on the site. I just have been really busy with school and work... I sold my 6GA back in August and picked up a 2009 Civic Si with 19k on the odo three days later. Its a bit smaller than the accord but im loving the 6-speed transmission and the high...
  4. russiansohcf23

    Hondamugen103's 00 Coupe Ex-L Build Thread

    Re: <>UPDATED<> Hondamugen103's 00 Coupe Wow... Looks sickkkkkk. I'm loving the new setup. :thumbsup::thumbsup:
  5. russiansohcf23

    Kia pictures

    I love the new 2012 Optimas! I'm very impressed on how much is changed with the Optima. If I were to buy a brand new car it definitely would be the new Optima as well. Congrats on the car!
  6. russiansohcf23

    friends 2006 sti

    Wow, looks really good. Clean and simple.
  7. russiansohcf23

    RIP my 6GA....

    Sucks to hear about the whole situation, hopefully they won't total your car. I'm glad to hear that you and your girlfriend didn't get hurt. But I honestly can't stand some drivers these days, they cannot drive for **** especially people who come to a dead stop on a road. Best of luck to you.
  8. russiansohcf23

    New from South Florida.

    Welcome to 6GA! Where in South Florida do you live?
  9. russiansohcf23

    RallyMachine's 00 ex Sedan Updated 6/7/11

    The drop looks really good with the EX rims. :thumbsup:
  10. russiansohcf23

    High Mileage 6th Gens

    170k with a slight oil leak and clear coat fading.
  11. russiansohcf23

    Best Air Freshner??lol

    Squash is my favorite. But since its hard to find it in my area, I use black ice.
  12. russiansohcf23

    ★ Russianred's Turbo Build Thread! ★ *UPDATED 4/15* ★

    Re: Russianred's Turbo Build Thread! *UPDATED 5/18/11* I loved my EBC greenstuff but it only lasted my 15k hard miles lol. It was day and night difference compared to OEM. Im on Wagner Thermo Quiet and they're ok but nothing like Hawk or EBC.
  13. russiansohcf23

    Snip33r: 2000 Honda Accord EX-L Coupe (In with new car)

    Re: Snip33r: 2K1 Honda Accord EX Coupe Looks great! Hows the ride on those coilovers?
  14. russiansohcf23

    Not low enough rsx..

    Welcome to 6GA! Thats a nice looking RSX you got there!
  15. russiansohcf23

    Some pics after a cleanup inside and out :P

    Looks clean! I haven't tried any Zymol products but I hear they're great.
  16. russiansohcf23

    a looooonnnggg night. (slammed 7th gen content)

    The drop looks awesome. :thumbsup:
  17. russiansohcf23

    Spark plugs color help + compression test

    Great compression and the spark plugs look like in great shape. How many miles are on the spark plugs?
  18. russiansohcf23

    My new paint job

    Looks great! Im looking to repainting my car but I don't want to spend to much.
  19. russiansohcf23

    Amsoil or Redline Engine Oil

    I am running Kendall GT-1 Synthetic Blend 5w-30 on my car right now. Great oil for $3.50 a quart.
  20. russiansohcf23

    99HonAccord New Updated Pictures, Summer 2012

    Re: 99HonAccord Sedan! Im liking the drop on the EX wheels. Keep it up!
  21. russiansohcf23

    Tein S.Tech springs

    So your getting rid of the F&F as well for the S-techs?
  22. russiansohcf23

    transmission fluid check

    There should be a dipstick with a yellow loop handle down low on the drivers side inside the engine bay.
  23. russiansohcf23

    Brake light

    Did it 2 weeks ago when I did the front brakes.
  24. russiansohcf23

    Brake light

    I checked it out, its fine.
  25. russiansohcf23

    Brake light

    This morning as I was driving to school my brake light came on in my dash as if my E-brake was pulled. The funny thing is though the light is not really bright while driving. Here is a picture to explain. This is the brightness of the light while driving, as you can see its very dim. And...