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  1. SykVSyx

    The "DOES IT FIT?(parts)" Thread

    I am sure I have seen something, but it would make sense the F/R might not fit because of the size difference of the bumpers, and the TL front bumper/lip has a bit of a 'peak' in the middle.
  2. SykVSyx

    The "DOES IT FIT?(parts)" Thread

    Alright, I thought I have seen it 'out there' and even on here, but I could be wrong. Anyone ever come across a photo of an Accord with the 2nd Gen TL lip kit on it?
  3. SykVSyx

    What Body Kit is this?

    Agreed, sedans look better without. OP sedan is a good look overall, though.
  4. SykVSyx

    RR's 2014 ATS 6spd 2.0T

    Maybe relocate those badges to somewhere else? Perhaps the 2.0 on the fenders and the ATS on the rear pillar? Alternatively, nothing at all would look great as well. Trying to get my Wife to get on board with removing the badges from the MDX.
  5. SykVSyx

    Rear brake plates of 282 mm - Installation of set of rear naves with Inspire UA5 type S.

    Nice upgrade. This write up should be helpful for future.
  6. SykVSyx

    J32 and auto trans swap

    J32 swap.....people still bother with those?? :lawl: OP, consider the J35 swap for an auto/straight motor and tranny swap. Alot more torque and some extra hp, which can transform the TL into something a little more fun.
  7. SykVSyx

    Depo Diamond Coupe Tail Lights

    Look who it is!! Long time no see. OP, there is a reason those have been that hard to find, as RR pointed out, most sites no longer carry them because the 6GA is a dying breed. May be in your best interest to hit up a Member who still has a good condition set.
  8. SykVSyx

    6th gen NSX

    The NXS was always, good on Honda for making the Coupe remind people of the hotness.
  9. SykVSyx

    The "DOES IT FIT?(parts)" Thread

    Yes, Evan, 98-00 does come before 01-02. That is correct and will always be true. :lawl: 01-02 has already been established as the superior looking Coupe and Sedan. :coffee:
  10. SykVSyx

    The "DOES IT FIT?(parts)" Thread

    Just goes to show how much I pay attention to anything 98-00. :lawl: For clarification and proof the 01-02 sedan front bumper is superior.....
  11. SykVSyx

    The "DOES IT FIT?(parts)" Thread

    hahha, was wondering when a misled 98-00 owner would make this comment....:lawl: I's not bad.....but, c'mon..... The debate continues......
  12. SykVSyx

    Sway Bar Size FAQ

    I would replace your Accord end links, unless, they are recently replaced. You don't need the TL ones.
  13. SykVSyx

    The "DOES IT FIT?(parts)" Thread

    Unless you are getting the 98-00 WW or Xenon lip kit, WHY would you want the 98-00 front bumper on your 02?
  14. SykVSyx

    RR's 2014 ATS 6spd 2.0T

    The Accord shouldn't feel too left out, at least there are a number of red accents on the Caddy! Car is looking well put together, CB, first pic is a good look.
  15. SykVSyx

    FS: Comptech, J's racing, Neuspeed, Unorthodox Racing pullies and more!

    Another OG going the way of the American Muscle car. The Coupe was an inspiration, Brother, appreciate the knowledge you shared with me as well. Solid seller, all the best with the sale!
  16. SykVSyx

    Anyone seen her?

    Whether through lack of maintaining or different tastes, it MAY be a real uphill battle finding it. Hope the search results in good news for you.
  17. SykVSyx

    J30a1 to j32a2

    People still want to do that weak J35/Auto swap??? OP, I jest, did the same swap my my 6GA, used an 02 MDX J35 with an 06 Oddy trans. Worked awesome for the time I had it. Remember to use the sub harness from your stock trans for the Oddy trans so you don't have to hard wire anything...
  18. SykVSyx

    RR's 2014 ATS 6spd 2.0T

    Paint match the rear bumper black plastic piece or naw? I am guessing, with the way I know CB to think, is that it was left as it matches the finished look of the rear spoiler........:shrug:
  19. SykVSyx

    RR's 2014 ATS 6spd 2.0T

    Garage pics are still pics.......cause I KNOW the ATS isn't sitting out in the rain with freshly painted parts on it. :lawl: Also, rear calipers do not appear to be the same matching blue as the fronts......that is all.
  20. SykVSyx

    Jon's FRS

    Not a fan of most wide body conversions, but dammit when you do it right and the photos are taken at just the right angles, you can't help but appreciate a man's efforts to make hi scar stand out from the rest. Well done, J-Man, well done. :waytogo::waytogo:
  21. SykVSyx

    RR's 2014 ATS 6spd 2.0T

    Those don't even look like 19's on there. Nice choice of style. :waytogo: If Vagons weren't almost 60K up here, I am positive I would have had one by now. Any plans for a chrome trim delete?
  22. SykVSyx

    RR's 2014 ATS 6spd 2.0T

    It is the angle of the pic, although the design of some manufacturer's to have the rear wheel well significantly lower than the front doesn't help. I like the wheels you posted up there ^. Those look good, so, if the ride height is on point, I could see those looking pretty good.
  23. SykVSyx

    RR's 2014 ATS 6spd 2.0T

    I like the way you think, CB. Mods are being very tastefully done, which is expected. IMHO, the inspiration car needs some aftermarket wheels. The rears look smaller than the front, but the ride height is perfect.
  24. SykVSyx

    BlkCurrantkord's '11 WRX

    I'm finding I am liking the look of the WRX over the STI the more I see the two of them. The prices for both are up there, at least here, but the latest version looks good. Was actually eyeing an 08 WRX Sport(hatch version) that already came lowered with some aftermarket wheels. Wife...
  25. SykVSyx

    My 86

    Looks good, Super Roy. Would like to see it a little less stock, but, I guess you'll keep us posted about all that.