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  1. ryan s

    Eibach Prokit vs Sportline Springs

    the irony is that the 8th gen sportline/yellow combo results in normal rake, but it may be because the sportlines are officially only for the 4 cylinders :lawl:
  2. ryan s

    My 86

    that's what i'm saying, they're doing just fine :lawl: unless you're implying that if the fenders come pre-rolled, that would boost honda's sales by 800k a year? :troll3:
  3. ryan s

    Engine bay tucking and re-organizing

    you can buy shrinkwrap with adhesive inside it, it just doesn't "shrink" as much as normal (the usual hardware store stuff is like 2 to 1, some places carry 3:1, the adhesive is like 1.3:1). but if you're doing a harness, they should all be the same size. buy a big roll of it and a cutter to...
  4. ryan s

    My 86

    you should get a f/1.4 lens and shoot it at f/2 :lawl: 2.8 on my 85/1.8G is :boink: don't mind honda, they're just over here selling over a million cars a year :lawl:
  5. ryan s

    My 86

    spacers exist :lawl: dont :slap: me, i have the 100/2.8 WR also :slap: f/5.6 or smaller is needed to get rid of the aberrations. weird. i'm so used to hondas still doing it the normal way :lawl:
  6. ryan s

    My 86

    you were worried about those wheels fitting but you have rolled fenders :crazyrun: i see you're still using the tamron 70-300 purple fringing monster :jae:
  7. ryan s

    Engine bay tucking and re-organizing

    pot, meet kettle. if you're going to make an argument from authority, it cuts both ways. i posted one picture of a non-essential harness that i had handy in imgur (since photobucket went to shit, i'm too lazy to dig up and rehost pics). it shows i have some competency in basic wiring...
  8. ryan s

    Engine bay tucking and re-organizing

    separate issues or not, it's still done incorrectly and shoddily. carelessness in the short term brings issues in the long term.
  9. ryan s

    Engine bay tucking and re-organizing

    no issues? wasn't the car...not running and getting towed a few weeks ago? let's not pretend that wiring isn't a complete hack job. here is a harness i made to pull signal from the factory 8th gen radio, including a remote turn on for the bit ten. kind of salty i couldn't find my...
  10. ryan s

    So I might be trading Frankenstein, thoughts?

    offer him $1500 for it.
  11. ryan s

    Error p1259 and strong fuel smell

    first, did you reset the CEL? replacing everything doesn't turn off the light. since you just got the car and are having VTEC issues, change the oil and filter. oil level matters very little if there is a pressure issue from something like a clogged filter. second, the fuel smell could be...
  12. ryan s

    Fast Blink Right Turn Signal

    cars run separate left/right relays for exactly this reason, to let you know you have a bulb out.
  13. ryan s

    dash cams

    i've always been curious about the blameworthiness you carry when using a dashcam. like...if someone pulls out in front of you, but you're going 5 over the speed limit, can your footage be subpoenaed and twisted around that if you weren't speeding, you wouldn't have driven into the other car...
  14. ryan s

    2018 accord

    i've heard the 10 speed in the camaro ZL1 is amazing. personally, i'd wait for any refreshed models from honda before buying. the only accord refresh that wasn't better than the original was the 01-02 sedans since i didn't like the front bumper, tail lights, and seats as much. they always add...
  15. ryan s

    2018 accord

    sedans and coupes really don't change overall dimensions radically (any longer). 250hp from a 1.5L isn't impressive? a few years ago, there was some company...that had a 240hp 2.0 without a turbo. that's around 200 at the wheels with around 120wtq. speaking of land yachts,
  16. ryan s

    2018 accord

    aside from the front end and beltline of the car getting taller for safety standards, my coupe has the same outside dimensions as the 6th gen sedan within about 2". obviously, the 8th is bigger and looks bigger but the dimensions are actually really close. ironically, my dad said his '03 TL was...
  17. ryan s

    2018 accord

    all kinds of noobery in this thread :lawl: it's not as if honda started as a motorcycle company and have campaigned F1 cars. wait... the 10th gen civic Si is lighter than the 9th, you can believe they will be using the same techniques to keep the weight down on the accord. a 6th gen is...
  18. ryan s

    Accord Has Been Stolen!

    agreed. i would assume they don't want to sell it back because of liability and/or fraud reasons. you get a check for $x when the car was gone a year ago, what is the current value? how do they know what it's been through (flooded/engine blown/has stolen parts in it)? how can they value it...
  19. ryan s

    Is the Euro R steering rack a quicker ratio?

    always fun when people get really salty after maybe...possibly...don't know yet for sure...finding something "new" to do with an almost 20 year old chassis :lawl: i don't understand why all this matters anyway. having owned a 6th gen 4 cylinder and having extensive seat time in a 2G TL-S, you...
  20. ryan s

    Gem of a CL-S

    i really don't know who would buy this car, you'd have to be a real fan of the 2G CL considering all the other more fun to drive cars another couple grand could get you :shrug:
  21. ryan s

    Lighting pet peeve.

    there is just so much incorrect in here, I can't even. 7 miles of my 15 mile (each way) daily commute is a 4 lane 70mph highway that is totally unlit aside from one overpass. i live in wisconsin, which is just south of ontario, canada when looking at latitude. we have snow, rain, fog, freezing...
  22. ryan s

    Lighting pet peeve.

    there's no mention of HIDs producing over 3x the lumens of a halogen bulb, it's not a 1:1 discussion of color temp or anatomy (nor the differences in individual color perception)...and that's also disregarding most "colorful" halogens simply have a coating on them which reduces their output...
  23. ryan s

    Mystery Port

    some aftermarket radiators don't have a spot for the coolant hose to connect to the transmission, is it possible you have one of those?
  24. ryan s

    Been a while!!

    i'd take out the wing risers and add some 20mm spacers out back, but thats just me :hide:
  25. ryan s

    Comparing a couple cars, input? *bought - page 2*

    Re: Comparing a couple cars, input? yep, home loans (or private liens on cars) are basically you trying to get one bank to loan you a few hundred grand so the previous owner can pay off their few hundred grand without needing suitcases full of cash :lawl: licensed car dealers (or if the home...