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  1. ejreams

    RR's '99 coupe EX-L

    Still driving this, wow respect. I am parting out some stuff and selling my Acura next month, it had a 10 year run and I'm not willing to put any more money into it at this point. I kind of impulse bought a 94 Corvette as a current daily lmao Bet that ATS** is fun lol
  2. ejreams

    unbelievable story (wiring diagram)

    Thank you for your help.
  3. ejreams

    unbelievable story (wiring diagram)

    Here are pictures original post will be edited.
  4. ejreams

    unbelievable story (wiring diagram)

    I forgot to specify.. duh me. I am talking about 2003 CL diagram. I can just color match what is cut yes, but I am chasing another issue (stuttering at wot) sometimes it happens when at 6200 other times the car stutters and wont go past 3500. And I have other lights on and would like to know...
  5. ejreams

    Yo clear out your inbox.

    Yo clear out your inbox.
  6. ejreams

    unbelievable story (wiring diagram)

    So I got some ignition coils because I was throwing misfire codes, open the hood to get to work tonight. Here comes back-story, so a month or two ago my abs and my srs lights came on out of no where. Around that time one day I came out and there was a bunny in my car under my hood, I literally...
  7. ejreams

    e-motors usa Coilovers from eBay

    The setup you use as an example is an adjustable ebay sleeve? On a strut made by a well known company the GR-2 that is designed to compensate for worn setups. So, I wouldn't be surprised to hear that it's working, but that's different than what this person has chosen to buy. Typically we don't...
  8. ejreams

    e-motors usa Coilovers from eBay

    Well.. lets think about this logically. If you go over a bump or dip in the road, what happens? Your car moves up and down from its original position. So if you lower the center of gravity closer to the ground.. then you clearly need to tighten that movement. That is why its important to have a...
  9. ejreams

    700hp NSX

    This car's ugly... That turbo badge is sick doe, anyone know where I can get one?
  10. ejreams

    J series Ignition Coils interchangeable?

    Not a bad idea, you mean on the tops, maybe the unit is separating at the creases as well.
  11. ejreams

    J series Ignition Coils interchangeable?

    What will spraying it with water do? Force it to 'die'?
  12. ejreams

    J series Ignition Coils interchangeable?

    I'm not quite there yet, they seem to be failing intermittently, especially when starting cold. So I can't really test it with that method, as they seem spontaneous. The one over cylinder 5 failed back in February, but that's the only new ignition coil.
  13. ejreams

    J series Ignition Coils interchangeable?

    I'm throwing p300 codes every other day, and a p1339. Pretty sure it's the ignition coils, car seems to be running rich, the exhaust is stankin'. Could be partially because of the cat or o2 sensor but I'm assuming that would be provoked by the misfires anyway. To the point.. I want to...
  14. ejreams

    Flashing check engine light

    Bumpp So it has been quite some time and I'm still struggling with the issue of a rhythmic vibration in the dash as steering wheel. My power steering fluid is (was) a little low, and if I put my hand over the exhaust it's like someone is trying to hold in a cough. Like puff, puff, puff
  15. ejreams

    Surprise inside.

  16. ejreams

    What'd you do to your accord today?

    What a dickhead.
  17. ejreams

    What'd you do to your accord today?

    I got an alignment the other day. My front toe was way out of whack... L:-0.07 R:0.27 After: L:0.07 R:0.07 Is that a good amount of toe from anyone else's experience?
  18. ejreams

    April/may winner: Jv6!!

    So clean Congrats on the win.
  19. ejreams

    April/May ROTM

    I hope there are some other cars (not CG's) thrown in there..
  20. ejreams

    Alignment and height adjustmenmt question

    Dude talk about learning the hard way..... I've put it off for about 7 months. Now my 7 month old tires are about to explode up front cause of inner tire wear. FML.
  21. ejreams

    FS: Nor Cal craigslist find

    BIGGEST PET PEEVE! A J30 IS NOT DOHC, NOR IS IT i-VTEC GODAMN HIM whyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy
  22. ejreams

    Go ahead...drool

    I like the wheels. Awesome stance.