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    Bumper cover replacement cost

    I walked out to my car today to notice that someone hit and cracked the front bumper of my 02 sedan while it was parked at work. It is pretty damaged in one spot and I am looking to get it replaced. My question for you guys is about how much should I be looking to spend to get the bumper...
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    iZiminator's 2000 Honda Accord LX Coupe. 56k = death 8/6/2012 BEEN 5 MONTHS. UPDATED!

    Re: iZiminator's 2000 Honda Accord LX Coupe. (56k? Idfk..) Where are you in Florida?
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    Red Light Cameras

    Believe me, I got in a good 4 or 5 honks before she put down her phone and started moving.
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    Red Light Cameras

    Unfortunately there is the possiblity of a ticket coming in the mail for me in the near future. A lady in front of me was not paying attention when the light turned green and we sat for a quite awhile before we started moving. Right before I entered the intersection the light turned yellow. I...
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    I'm in Orlando for winter break but unfortunately I'm heading back to Gainesville on Saturday.
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    Uninstalling HIDs

    When I got my car a couple years ago the previous owner had HIDs installed in them. Now, the left headlight flickers during warm-up and I'd rather just throw the regular bulbs in instead of buying a new ballast/bulb. How hard are they to uninstall and can someone go through the process for me?
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    Headlight bulb help

    Glad to see we have three people in the area haha
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    Headlight bulb help

    With eBay, you get what you pay for. HIDs for high beams aren't necessary especially since they take several seconds to warm up and flashing the bulbs kills the bulbs over time. Btw, I noticed you are in Gainesville, are you a student?
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    (Simply Clean 3) 11-5-11

    I wish I could go, I'll be studying that whole weekend
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    -EscoStylez, 2001 Accord Sedan Ex Vette Wheels 8-29-13

    Re: EscoStylez, 2001 Accord Sedan Ex *Update 10/19/11* how dark did you go with the windshield?
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    Ferron's 2001 accord sedan ex 4cyl

    Looks nice, howd you do the tails?
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    Uga shout out

    uf>uga. But I am slightly biased haha
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    2011 Socal Cruise Meet Pix

    Who has the white coupe with the TL wheels and the CL-S mufflers?
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    LiveCreamlife´s 98 Accord Sedan EX (56k) - Argentina

    Didn't notice the tails dont even reach the license plate. Much shorter than ours
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    Goodbye 6thgen forum

    21? What did you do to earn that cash?
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    FS: Acura cl muffler sold

    Re: Fs:Acura cl muffler No you have to change the position of the hangers
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    How do I fix this?

    It's because of the raised dot matrix on the rear window. The tint cannot stick to the window itself because the dots are in the way, so it leaves air pockets. Really the only thing you can do is to get it retinted and see if the new tinter can fix it or get some black vinyl and put it on the...
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    RICKDIGILER's '99 Sedan(56k) **UPDATE 9/12/11**

    Re: RICKDIGILER's '99 Sedan V6 (56k) Can you explain what the muffler "cut offs" are?
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    Lambo I saw while on vacation

    Prestige does some good work although I think they could've done a better job with the tails. If I'm not mistaken, Prestige did all the work on Rob Dyrdek's sweet rides.
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    Sight of the day

    Oh dear...
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    Cheap but GOOD window tinters in SoCal !

    There are places that it do for that cheap. But be prepared for purple windows in your future.
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    Tuesday night SI meet. muchhhooooo pikz

    That intercooler light on the Caliber srt is pretty bad***
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    »Totaled 02/16/12» TheBax's 1999 Accord Sedan LX V6 (56k)

    Re: *UPDATED 6/22/11* TheBax's 1999 Accord Sedan LX V6 (56k) PA systems are fun haha
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    Detailed 03 SLK 320

    Yup, the last picture is golden
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    Raced a Genisis Coupe V6 today

    Is this the Supra Nick Hogan crashed?