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  1. So-Cal98'

    So-Cal Meet...?

    at crown point? hahaha sweet i cant wait :thumbup:
  2. So-Cal98'

    So-Cal Meet...?

    Is there any stirs about a So-Cal Meet? I'm dying to meet all of you other so-cal peeps and some sexy accords.. Anything thought up yet? You can put me in as already going, if there is gonna be one! :peace:
  3. So-Cal98'

    What'd you do to your accord today?

    warshed the coupe today at a car warshing place, super duper squeaky clean :hihi:
  4. So-Cal98'

    whats your toe and camber?

    good thing you posted this because i wanted to see some input on it too hahaha. Im in your boat man :beer: Oh and when you drop about 2.5" or so (probably less) in the front, do you need to adjust the camber/buy a kit? Better yet, to what extent do you need to mess with the front's camber?
  5. So-Cal98'

    Terrible MPG

    18 city for me... definately check your psi in all tires, filter, yada yada- pretty much everyone said. Oh, and train yourself to let off like .5 of a mile before the red light and coast to stops, dont accelerate hard, in other words... drive like a woman ;) thats what i am having to do and...
  6. So-Cal98'

    Whats your MPG on a full tank?

    about the same for me now... light footing it for a while now :p
  7. So-Cal98'

    ELItE1's 00 ACCORD COUPE!!(56KAE)(7-5-14 new pics)

    Re: ELItE1's 00 ACCORD COUPE!!(56KAE)NEW PICS holy amazingness
  8. So-Cal98'

    Help a brotha out plz!

    Its illegal to do a tranny swap??
  9. So-Cal98'

    KnightRyder - 2000 Accord V6 Coupe *** UPDATED 12/11/11

    Man oh man is that interior amazing.. such a beautiful car
  10. So-Cal98'

    So-Cal98's 98' Coupe EX v6 (56k)

    haha yeah, just had to clean the baby again, all my friends ask why i clean the bay, but they dont realize the satisfaction of a clean car ;) hopefully i get my coupe like yours :hihi:
  11. So-Cal98'

    So-Cal98's 98' Coupe EX v6 (56k)

    Stock 1998 Honda accord v6 Engine: stock 3.0l v6 w/ intake resonator mod Suspension currently stock Interior Stock wood trim/leather, Sony deck, 12" Cozmik 1500watt subwoofer with an 800watt amp, dope a$$ dash cover ;) Coming soon Function and Form Type 1 coilovers, 2 more paychecks...
  12. So-Cal98'

    Hello From Brooklyn

    Sounds like a nice looking car. I agree with the lights, they will look great. I'm going to pick up some black housed headlights for my white coupe, it'll be STELLAR :thumbup:
  13. So-Cal98'

    And people say leds dont have projectile...

    I just had the idea because nobody has had those mounted. How many people do you see with yellow/hid fogs? a lot. how many people do you see with these? i haven't ever. This is going on my list of mods, after my drop :D
  14. So-Cal98'

    Quick question...

    Yeahh.. im sure we were raised the same.... buy our own crap, dont complain, do your homework, dont back-talk... and the spankings set us straight ;) hahahaha
  15. So-Cal98'

    engine noise

    OR... it could be an alternator bearing. Mine made a scary knock like that too (v6 tho) and it ended up being a bad alternator. Go get it checked just in case.. Start with the cheap chit first :p
  16. So-Cal98'

    And people say leds dont have projectile...

    Yeah.. about $125 give or take PER light.. i agree about the price. I might have to ask for one for christmas, then one for my birthday ;)
  17. So-Cal98'

    And people say leds dont have projectile...

    These are those lights.. the Dually 15w lights for only 15 watts, you can't tell me you arent impressed. 3" by 3" light x2, those to me are hid-level worthy, especially for a fog light set up. again, this is those same Dually LEDs...
  18. So-Cal98'

    And people say leds dont have projectile...

    Dis all you want, but I've operated/seen first hand what these put out, seems like a project for me ;) plus for those small ones, I can get them for $125 a pop.. little steep but they look amazing :thumbup:
  19. So-Cal98'

    And people say leds dont have projectile...

    look on YouTube, or search pictures. Take my word... these things, especially the big light bars, are literally the sun haha. I've been blinded these things just as much as i would be with HIDs..
  20. So-Cal98'

    Wheel Fitment Thread

    Just a quick question with offset, what exactly is it? my friend said something about the wideness of the wheel compared to where the "spokes" are
  21. So-Cal98'

    And people say leds dont have projectile...

    As you all know, im from So-Cal and i make that marvelous journey to the desert almost every weekend. HIDs are the thing on sand rails/ATVs and whatever, but the new thing now is these bright a$$ LED light bars. They are expensive as hell but damn are they bright. I'm not sure if all of you have...
  22. So-Cal98'

    powercoated valve covers

    the first mod i would do to the motor is a tranny swap :D
  23. So-Cal98'

    SoCalAccords2000 Ride Update 9/20/12

    where at in SD do you live? i might of spotted you a couple times actually on the freeway haha!
  24. So-Cal98'

    Checkin out your wheels man.. i really like that style. What kind are they?

    Checkin out your wheels man.. i really like that style. What kind are they?
  25. So-Cal98'

    Quick question...

    haha thanks :thumbup: and for the Func. and Form type 1 coilovers, should i get them? i have my mind set on those now for some reason.. i kinda like the look :jae: