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    Tires cupping/feathering?

    looks like that tire is a little choppy. get some new rear struts & alignment. might have to get some new tires too, depending on how bad they are. I see tires like this everyday at work. its usually an alignment or suspension issue, or sometimes even just cheap *** tires. stay away from cooper...
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    broken manifold stud

    yeah its leaking pretty bad. I can smell it as soon as I open the hood, plus its noisy & sounds like a POS cruising down the road, so thats why I want to fix it.
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    broken manifold stud

    hey I was just wondering if anyone else has had this (possible nightmare) problem before? one of the studs for the exhaust manifold broke, luckily level with the flange and not the cylinder head... I've been working at a honda dealership for almost 3 years and I've never seen a 6thgen do this...
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    Car Won't Start!

    KEY NEEDS TO BE PROGRAMMED!!!! if its just a straight up key with no chip then you're never going to get your car started with it. those keys are only good for unlocking your door. if you can't find your original keys, call your honda dealership and see if they'll give you the "brake code" to...
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    DIY: "Boat look" Remedy for Accords on Lowering Springs

    well, got 95% of the way on the 2nd fork (needs to slide down like 2mm more) and my damn dremel burnt out!!! for the record, it was a craftsman, not an actual dremel lol so I think im done for the day. I'm going out tonight to buy a new one, probably wrap it up tomorrow. glad I have 2 accords...
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    DIY: "Boat look" Remedy for Accords on Lowering Springs

    just got one side done. gives me a chance to paint my calipers too while I'm at it. I used a dremel and probably spent an hour boring out the fork. after about 5 tries, I finally bored it enough and the strut slid all the way down. the damn dremel gets hot fast so I gotta stop and let it cool...
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    DIY: "Boat look" Remedy for Accords on Lowering Springs

    its been about 3 weeks and maybe 400-500 miles and hasn't really changed
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    DIY: "Boat look" Remedy for Accords on Lowering Springs

    I bought H&R springs with the 1.75'' rear and 2.25'' drop in the front and I was really hoping I wouldn't have the boat look. I was so pissed when I lowered the lift and noticed how obvious it was. I'm going to finally try the remedy tonight. the forks are only like 40 bucks a piece, so if I...
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    maint. light not reseting

    I'd just pull the bulb. whats up with V6 6thgens and gauge cluster problems? I've seen a couple at work where the LCD screen craps out and you can't read the odometer. never seen a 4cyl like that tho....
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    Auto Detailing in Orlando FL

    looks like you guys do some nice work. hell of a deal too. I work at a honda dealership and they charge like double that for that kind of stuff. should have no problem getting a lot of customers with your prices. good luck to ya.
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    goodbye accord... hellooo????

    as a mechanic, I'd buy a honda pilot or a CRV just because they're a little more reliable and easier to work on than the subarus are.
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    Wheelie gone wrong

    haha that guy is so lucky he didn't follow his bike right into the front of that truck. I wonder if the insurance company will buy him a new bike after seeing this.....
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    Groaning Sound from rear of car

    I knew a dude with a 97 that did the same thing. It was somewhat loud tho, nothing like a fuel pump. Does this happen all day long or just after you park it?
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    FS: K24A1 short block

    yeah i saw what you wrote dude. are you just saying the rust won't build up? maybe if i dump some atf in there and spin the crank a few times it'll remove the rust?
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    FS: K24A1 short block

    NO offers??? DAMN. I knew this was the wrong place. **** it. its going in the scrap metal dumpster.
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    misfire at idle when A/C is on?

    lol after shipping it would probably be the same price. your best bet for OEM parts is majestic honda. I paid 53.38 for my spark plug wires thru the dealership w/ employee discount. majestic has them for 57.42...