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  1. Zen

    AEM FIC 6 for honda/acura

    300 max. If I make it, good. If I fall on 250, satisfied.
  2. Zen

    AEM FIC 6 for honda/acura

    Hi all, Im planning on staying obd2 for a boost project and wondered if anyone had any experience with the AEM Fic 6. Link here: I know it is a piggy back and my pocket is a little shallow for the...
  3. Zen

    CL1 Euro R

    Agreed. I had no immediate intent to focus on 5lug parts specifically from a CL1, it just so happens local guy is selling the suspension and cl1 rims and I am working out a deal. Only problem is I am not sure that it will fit :doh:
  4. Zen

    CL1 Euro R

    Does it fit? I did a little searching and cannot turn up any results....found Euro R 5 lug and suspension for sale. I am not concerned with the suspension as much since it is stock but does anyone know if I can use the parts to swap my 4-lug lx to 5lug? *i have looked at several 4 to 5lug...
  5. Zen

    mini meet with the 6thgen crew

    Nice pics. Specs on wheels that are on the gold sedan please and thanks. I cant tell if they are Varrstoen or Grid but fitment looks good.
  6. Zen

    FS: More misc parts I'm getting rid of.

    Re: Retrofit (reduced), manual swap parts, custom WW lip, sidemarkers, spacers/adapte Pm'ed. Parts shipped to 32812. Payment can be made asap. Thanks
  7. Zen


    Same as most. Meh on the Coach pattern but work looks like it was done from the factory. Flawless.
  8. Zen

    FS: jaron001's part out thread!

    Awaitin pm on item number 10 sir :haysm9: lol
  9. Zen

    FS: '99 Honda Accord EX

    I respect that. If only I had a bit more money cause I def have the time, I would take off work to pick it up tomorrow. Well if you need a hand and interested in striking any deals then just let me know because I haz skillz. Other than that, good luck with sale because this is a deal. :peace:
  10. Zen

    FS: '99 Honda Accord EX

    Part it! - Trade Seats with me. My cloth (all clean) for your leather. I can drive to you and possibly put cash on top. - I may be interested in your rims and headlights as well. - So again i say, part it please. If not, good luck with sale. - in orlando so if you need a...
  11. Zen

    FS: NotNice FS Thread (make an offer and it is yours)(literaly)

    Re: NotNice FS Thread You have pm sir. Local guy checkin in
  12. Zen

    killahsi2003's 1999 Accord EX 5sp (56K)

    Clean cars. 99-00si is probably my favorite civic.too bad most civics an integras get stolen so much....
  13. Zen

    TSX Bumper Conversion (Update 8/15/13)

    Re: TSX Bumper Conversion This looks to be promising. Im not too far so if u need another pair of hands jus holla.
  14. Zen

    FS: complete set for 5 lug convertion on the other side of the map and broke until next friday. Glws. If you still have it in like a week or two, ill buy.
  15. Zen

    Dim headlight.... Driver's side

    ^ yes. Fuse 20a under hood. This happened to me about 2 weeks ago - when the headlight fuse goes out light gets dim and both hi/low beam goes on.
  16. Zen

    Pictures of some candy..

    love the legacy. period.
  17. Zen

    Another Newbie Here

    That IS clean. Welcome!
  18. Zen

    Zen 1998 Sedan LX (56k, warned) **UPDATE 5/6/12

    Thanks bro. Means alot cause your car is top notch. - the duplicolor paint ran a lil more than i wanted but more paint solved that and im very plaeased with the end result. - i liked the bbs but that mesh design dated my car. And with the step lip it appeared to almost look like 16' at times...
  19. Zen

    Zen 1998 Sedan LX (56k, warned) **UPDATE 5/6/12

    Nexts mods...hopefully lol - Magnaflow 14828 - red clear tails (maybe) That will probably be it for the exterior for teh moment (except new wheels). I like keeping things simple :D
  20. Zen

    Zen 1998 Sedan LX (56k, warned) **UPDATE 5/6/12

    Re: Zen 1998 Sedan LX (56k, warned) **UPDATE 4/28/12 UPDATE: 5/6/12 Painted my previous wheels white until i decide on new 18s *i know need moar low yall height nazis. Im workin on that lol
  21. Zen

    Zen 1998 Sedan LX (56k, warned) **UPDATE 5/6/12

    Re: Zen 1998 Sedan LX (56k, warned) **UPDATE 4/22/12 Thanks bro. Update 4/28/12 Added type r match paint lip. One new pic up - i went back on my old wheels and will paint white until i upgrade to 18in rims. - found out bro has spare h22 head so thought bout g23 but will prolly jus go f20.
  22. Zen

    Import Alliance Atlanta Photos and 8thgen goodies :)

    oooowwweee. Nice cars. Some accord luvin right there
  23. Zen

    Zen 1998 Sedan LX (56k, warned) **UPDATE 5/6/12

    Re: Zen 1998 Sedan LX (56k, warned) **UPDATE 4/22/12 205/40?! Car needs to be part functional since I travel a distance everyday to and from work so im probably not going lower than 45 sidewall at the moment lol. Will be going lower soon though. After the type "r" lip comes in. Thanks for...
  24. Zen

    Zen 1998 Sedan LX (56k, warned) **UPDATE 5/6/12

    Re: Zen 1998 Sedan LX (56k, warned) **UPDATE 4/22/12 UPDATE: - EK sidemarkers installed :D