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    Garage Build for Auto Detailing(UPDATED 5/2 PG11)

    Awesome work area. Looks great. the only other thing I could think of for it would be to add a garage floor coating. You could even get it in gray with blue specs to match your walls.
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    Smell of exhaust in car

    I hope you got this resolved. That can be a dangerous issue if left unresolved.
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    What'd you do to your accord today?

    Changed out the sway bar bushings last night. All squeak free now.
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    K02A's 4Runner

    it was a blast, we tent camped the previous night in the low 30's. ground camping will be a thing of the past soon. Next item up for the Runner will be a roof top tent.
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    Tanabe NF210?

    I have a set of Tanabe DF210 springs on Gr2 struts and I love the way that they ride and the drop. They lowered the front a little bit more than the rear. I have had these on for about 4 years now. I was very particular when I researched springs as I wanted to keep a nice ride. These...
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    Kville02Accord's 2002 LX sedan (56k)

    I just helped a friend change his on a 99 and we had a hell of a time with it (just the crank pulley bolt). After getting it done, another guy stated we could have saved ourselves a lot of aggravation if we had used one. Now if it was $100 or more, yeah I might bypass it, but for $25 it's not...
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    K02A's 4Runner

    Pictures from a 4Runner Uwharrie Natl Forest trail ride far right behind the white one up front
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    Kville02Accord's 2002 LX sedan (56k)

    Well, the accord has been off the road for the past few months due to it needing some 100k maintenance. I put new drums and shoes on the rear last weekend. And I just received my front pads and new rotors today for the front. Also waiting on new sway bar bushings front and rear. Will...
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    Vinyl Wrap Amount to buy?

    having done some vinyl wrapping with both cheap stuff and 3m vinyl. if you are going to take the time to wrap your whole car, spend the money and get a good brand (3m, oracal, avery, etc) or you'll be redoing it sooner than you think. just my .02
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    Done!!!TSX Retrofit with switchback solid led tubes

    Awesome work, they look great. Let us know once you figure out the wiring for the switchback. :thumbsup: Did you have to cut the LED tubes any to fit?
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    Kville02Accord's 2002 LX sedan (56k)

    Odometer just hit 100,000 today. timing belt, water pump, plugs, etc are ready to be changed...
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    K02A's 4Runner

    update on the 4Runner. I removed the running boards, installed a 2.5" lift, painted the wheels gunmetal and installed a brush guard. I also added 3 ATV's as well.
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    Range Rover Runs Over Bikers in NYC

    If my kids were in my lifted 4Runner and this occurred it would have been in 4wd quick and a lot more than one biker would be hospitalized. Ever see the rate sucker commercial....
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    Rate the car above you thread, 1-10

    9.5 love mesh rims.... nice and clean look to it
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    6GA Member's Before and Afters

    Before: After:
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    List one mod, that you feel not many people did, that fits your lifestyle

    My favorite mod would be the 3m di noc roof and door pillars
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    Whats up from North Carolina!!!

    Where in NC are you MR. Aska?
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    Should I paint my front lip?

    I left mine black and have no intention on painting it. I love the way it looks with the black side panels, grill, roof, and headlights. Plus I have a black and gold thing going on my 4RNR too. I did put matte black vinyl on the bumper just behind the two slots in the lip so you can't...
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    Kville02Accord's 2002 LX sedan (56k)

    I should receive all red LED's this week for the gauge cluster and odometer, clock, console shifter, and AC controls. Can't wait to get rid of that green.
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    Kville02Accord's 2002 LX sedan (56k)

    front lip installed. fresh wash and wax.
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    6GA Hot Shizz (TCL Ripoff)

    2010 Wiesmann Roadster MF5
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    K02A's 4Runner

    nope it's a 6cyl. Better mpg though... see below.. I got lucky with this truck.. and it does match pretty well. did some plasti dipping on it to add some more black. I am going to get some good pictures of them together soon.
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    K02A's 4Runner

    I just got an 04 4Runner to go along with my accord. I will be putting a 2.5" lift on it and some other mods as well (blacked out HL, rims, plasti dip the fender flares, etc). And it's granny gold to match with my car too.
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    Kville02Accord's 2002 LX sedan (56k)

    I will be installing one of the ebay abs front lips on my car this weekend. But before I do it will be wrapped in CF vinyl along with my stock side skirts. Next will be a rear abs lip also wrapped in CF vinyl.