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  1. T.$.Racing

    Looking for window guard that fits well on 02 lx sedan (rear window and side window guards)

    Weathertech are good. Pricey, but good
  2. T.$.Racing

    what's a good ball joint press?

    I used a buddies 20 ton Harbor Freight shop press. Its been a while, but I'm pretty sure we had to hold the hub itself on an angle to get just enough contact to press the ball joint out. I want to say we used a propane torch to heat up the area around the ball joint itself as well. It wasn't...
  3. T.$.Racing

    You know you drive a 6th gen Accord when....

    Wait, the clock actually is back-lit?!? I owned my 6G for 6 years and would gripe about the clock not being illuminated almost every time I drove it at night. It was out when I bought it so I just assumed they weren't illuminated.
  4. T.$.Racing

    Hi from the UK

    Very cool. I didn't know the UK Accord's were so much different. That rear 3/4 view, especially the C Pillar and tail lights look like a 3 series BMW.
  5. T.$.Racing

    FS: 98 5 speed EX Sedan- $1200

    Sold. Mods can delete. Thanks
  6. T.$.Racing

    FS: 98 5 speed EX Sedan- $1200

    Original starter took a dump so "new" reman starter installed as of 11/8/21.
  7. T.$.Racing

    J32A2 + 6MT swap in my '01 F23/H23 5MT chassis

    Just wanted to say I've really enjoyed this thread and following the progress. Great work to both of you. Definitely inspirational/motivational.
  8. T.$.Racing

    RR's '99 coupe EX-L

    Used to reach under the dash on my XJ Cherokee to do the same thing before I fixed it lol. Its a subtle vacuum sound and then you hear the flap itself move, but if you listen closely you'll hear it.
  9. T.$.Racing

    FS: 98 5 speed EX Sedan- $1200

    Fresh trans fluid as of today.
  10. T.$.Racing

    RR's '99 coupe EX-L

    Always a good feeling to get problems like that figured out, even if its just to the point that at least now you know what needs replacing. On my '98, as well as with pretty much every car I've owned, you can hear the blend door actuator doing its thing when going from hot to cold or vice versa...
  11. T.$.Racing

    Replaced motor

    Yes, take it elsewhere. Scanning the thing should've been the first thing they did. Any autozone, advance, etc can scan it for you for free. Or get yourself a $30 dollar scanner off ebay and do it yourself.
  12. T.$.Racing

    Replaced motor

    That is a hell of a commute. Is it like its hitting a fuel cut-off at 4k rpm? As in it revs fine up to 4k, but then hits a hard wall and won't go past or is it slow to build up revs and takes forever to get up to 4k? Even if the CEL (check engine light) isn't on, I'd still have it scanned and...
  13. T.$.Racing

    FS: 98 5 speed EX Sedan- $1200

    Still trying to find this thing a good home.
  14. T.$.Racing

    Missfire No.1 and 3 Cylinder, Car shakes on idle, Oil on Spark Plug Thread

    Do you have any experience wrenching on cars? These things are stupid simple to work on as far as modern automobiles. Fix it yourself if you like the car. I'm not sure if its what you're experiencing but a friend had a similar problem recently on his '92 Civic with 242k on it. Started idling...
  15. T.$.Racing

    NO HEAT!

    Yeah, I would lean towards the blend door actuator. Might want to see if you can see/reach it and make sure something didn't just get disconnected on it.
  16. T.$.Racing

    NO HEAT!

    Is it just blowing cold air or? When you change the temp from cold to hot and vice versa do you hear the blend door working under the dash? There isn't much to a heater core. When they take a dump you'll usually have a wet passenger floor area and start smelling the coolant as it leaks.
  17. T.$.Racing

    Will the 6th gen accord go up in value?

    I highly doubt the 6th gen will get to the level of other Honda's of that era. In another 20-30 years I'm sure anything Si, S2k, or even clean untouched Prelude's will be pretty sought after and in demand. Accord's I'm not so sure. Going by what people pay big money for now from previous eras...
  18. T.$.Racing

    98 lx inline 4 wont rev out over 4k rpm

    What code is it throwing? Had an Element with a similar problem, threw a code and went into limp mode. Wouldn't go over 3500-4k. Ended up being the oil pressure switch
  19. T.$.Racing

    Multiple CEL codes smog due in 8 days help!

    If it ends up staying with only the p0141 that would be the downstream sensor, under the vehicle after the cat.
  20. T.$.Racing

    Multiple CEL codes smog due in 8 days help!

    The test for the sensors was the CEL throwing codes for both of them, but you do you. The plugs themselves you can test with a multimeter. FWIW, there is no "oe spec." That is a slogan for Chinese garbage. Denso is the OE sensor, you can easily get both for $120, if not cheaper.
  21. T.$.Racing

    Multiple CEL codes smog due in 8 days help!

    What brand O2 sensor did you use? And from the codes, it appears both O2's need replacing. Upstream & downstream. Use NTK or Denso. Bosch O2's are garbage IMHO.Check the pig tail and wiring as well. I had a couple wires get frayed and come dislodged (I'm guessing from deep snow/slush) from the...
  22. T.$.Racing

    New here and to 6G

    Welcome to the club!
  23. T.$.Racing

    FS: 98 5 speed EX Sedan- $1200

    Still available.
  24. T.$.Racing

    Bisimoto camshaft

    From the sounds of things you'd be better off getting a cam from a company that will tailor make it to your current set up. Yes, you will need the car dyno tuned after. Wouldn't expect the stock trans to stick around for long with that kind of power going through it.
  25. T.$.Racing

    Parents won't let me mod

    Is the car theirs? If not, you're an adult and its your vehicle. That being said if you still live at their house I don't blame them for not wanting to hear some haggered straight piped Accord every day. You'll make a whole lot of obnoxious noise, and actually lose power in the process. Leave...