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    Hey so what about the mdx or rl axles? Is there any chance either of those would fit? Maybe stronger? Or just do the cls?
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    Hey RR, looks like my axles are pretty bad and will need replacing, so how did this swap go for you? Did the cls axles fit? Are they actually any better than the accord ones?
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    P1456 code and fuel vapour leak

    Agreed. I do smell gas after driving though. Im thinking the seals on the filler neck might be an issue but havent found much info or a diy, think it would require dropping the whole tank?
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    P1456 code and fuel vapour leak

    I have been dealing with this same code for a few months now but im reluctant to change the canister and it not fix the problem. So far i have only purchased a new cap, but code came back a few weeks later. Started to have a intermittent bogging down issue also but not sure its related, but no...
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    FS: Custom OEM projector headlights

    hater. Lol $100 off if you send in good headlights as cores..
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    FS: Custom OEM projector headlights

    clicky check out these awesome headlights fs
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    Air Ride/Audio build log

    I hate u lol I need more monies so I can be cool too :rocking:
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    Would you cut it?

    My straight pipes make me wish my car had mufflers LOL
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    Question about changing auto shifter

    Acura tl shift console is interchangeable. Mine is awesone!
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    Car wont start, immobilizer flashing

    Yes, thats the harness I replaced on mine. The solder had cracked and would cause issues reading the key. Mine got so bad that it would turn off while I was driving and caused major hazards. It could also be the actual lock but iirc there was a recall on those or something like that. I...
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    Car wont start, immobilizer flashing

    Most likely going to be your ignition harness going bad (the wires behind your key hole) It is a pretty straightforward job if you want to fix it yourself. Mine had the same issue, but I dont remember how much the new harness cost, but after I replaced it never had any more problem. I think...
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    DIY: sunroof plug & intake heat shield

    Pics? My car definitely needs to go on a diet lol
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    FS: Stuff for sale

    Interested in projectors.. more info/pics?
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    k3ychain 2014 build

    Haha 6th gen for life mann!! Cant wait for pixorz
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    New Skin is up.

    Not feelin the new format so I changed it back.. clean.simple.performance. thats on the top of the format but the new one seems too loud and more like what would be on a civic forum or something like that IMO plus im not a fan of orange.. I did like the banner though :)
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    Track Day

    Man that looks like fun! I need to see what my baby can do on the track.. The videos are awesome
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    Need help with accident repairs

    Yes.. feel free to remove it
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    A Good HID kit??

    Many have had bad service with DDM.. I have had to deal with them to get replacements and even when I purchased several kits fron them they took an excessive amount of time to ship and arrive(had 2 ballasts for diff kits that had to send back due to failure), but I will say that yes they are...
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    Paul Walker dead at 40

    They say he was taking people out for test drives in a porsche GT for a charity when they crashed. F&f won't be the same without him.. RIP
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    Jv6! Ride of the Year

    Congrats jv6!! Looked like a tight race for that win
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    Beginners Detailing kit giveaway Winners and instructions(UPDATED WITH INFO&PICS)

    Re: Detailing kit giveaway Winners and instructions Awww I wanted to win lol still cool that you are doing this for us tho, thanks!
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    Stock Catalytic Converter vs. No Cat vs. High Flow Cat

    High flow cat FTW My butt-dyno says the high flow made a pretty big gain in hp for me :driving: I wonder what the gains are in v6 vs i4