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    FS: rules.

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    Misfiring issue

    spark plugs
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    DIY: How to easily adjust the handbrake/emergency brake handle.

    im confused, why pop up the trim around the shifter?
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    More Speakers

    put all your money into your front stage and get a high quality 2 or 4 ch amp. integrate tweeters into your A pilar and get a nice component set. will be loud and sound crisp. delete your 6x9's as they are only hinder some to SQ.
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    New from Maryland

    a fresh clay bar is the best
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    SoCal Meet

    Re: OFFICIAL Bi-Montly SoCal Meet whats up with the so cal meets??
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    Looking to buy new amp

    how much for the rockford amp? hows the condition
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    FS: kenwood +harness +dash kit *CHEAP*

    40 bucks installed!!
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    Good toshiba laptop (GAMING)

    Just sold it =)
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    Good toshiba laptop (GAMING)

    selling my laptop. it has an i7 processor and 8 gigs of DDR3 ram. 750 GB hard drive which is plenty enough. im asking 550 on craigslist but ill hook it up 50 bucks off for forum members. let me know if you are interested. heres the original ad if you'd like to look...
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    Car too low...?

    raise it up to the legal limit and fight the ticket lol
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    FS: kenwood +harness +dash kit *CHEAP*

    still in my room right now. im talking to a guy who's out in pomona and he should be coming thru tomorrow to do the deal but if he falls thru (which i doubt) i'll throw up another reply on this thread letting everybody know its still for sale!!
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    FS: kenwood +harness +dash kit *CHEAP*

    old school radio haha!! thanks man! somebody text me last night while i was asleep, i hope he comes thru for this good deal :)
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    True to the Source - Shawn's DD build

    in my car i deleted the rear stage because i have that massive 15 back there and it would distort my 6x9's because of the high spl. what i do it have my back seat folded down 90% of the time to let the woofer breathe lol. when the seat is up air gets thru the 6x9 openings. i put 100 watts rms on...
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    FS: kenwood +harness +dash kit *CHEAP*

    this weekend come get a new radio for your car installed for 40 bucks!!!
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    DBW(drive by wire) throttle body

    h22 swap on 15 lbs of boost bruh
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    FS: kenwood +harness +dash kit *CHEAP*

    cruise to huntington beach and get this radio INSTALLED for $40!!!
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    First Subwoofer Setup

    please please watch this whole video. i want the whole car stereo scene to get rid of caps. they are bs unless you are buying one that is VERY expensive. vTuJ7oz9g80 imo ditch the cap, get the knukoncepts 4 gauge cca amp kit and get an amp that is CEA complaint.
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    FS: kenwood +harness +dash kit *CHEAP*

    not hating but imo i wouldnt use electrical tape. especially if u gotta unwrap it to diagnose a problem for any reason that stuff will get that wire sticker than a mo fo!! haha heres an example of one i did (for my buddies toyota) solder + heatshrink + zipties i assume shops use those...
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    What'd you do to your accord today?

    how much
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    What'd you do to your accord today?

    played some music today after fixing my stereo's "protect" mode problem. dam remote wire shorted out somewhere and was giving me hell so i yanked it out and replaced it with a meaty 16 gauge wire. im loving the new sub and box P-m9gY4sTZc
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    First Subwoofer Setup

    i would buy an amp kit because they will upsell you on that its cca but you arent pulling too much current. you should be fine
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    So cal meet tonight 7/14

    ★THE BIG BANG MEET! OC+LA+IE+SGV+LBC UNDER ONE LOT! 1091 N Tustin Ave, Anaheim, California 92807 anyone rollin out to this tonight? im gonna cruise in my sedan :D