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    knocking.. but only in idle, or non load

    oil is ok, changed it 100 miles ago. no noise in first gear, but yes to neutral and park... will jack up tm and see.
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    knocking.. but only in idle, or non load

    Everything I see on valve adjustment is on the f23 not the j30. I'm still searching
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    knocking.. but only in idle, or non load

    Hmm... interesting thought. I didn't think to check the mounts. I dont think it is a mount because it only does it when I release pressure on the motor... it is not a thunk, or a clank... it is an audible deep slap that is timed with the motors rotation from the best I can tell.
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    knocking.. but only in idle, or non load

    Hey guys, over the last week, I've been getting a slap or a knock sound coming from the engine bay passenger side. When in the car, it is very audible and is easy to hear when sitting still. When under the hood, it is not as easy to hear. Maybe because of exhaust, maybe because of other noises...
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    Weldless Universal Mufflers?

    universal means just that.... lame and everyone has one.
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    Euro R bumper cover.

    on a euro r sedan. or ebay if your lucky...isuzu, uhhh no. you've shown the same front end 4 times, in a different color.... with different grills, lips and fogs
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    3 days to emmissions due Need Help

    that'll do it!
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    New paint job

    you will be unhappy with the end result if you dont wait
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    Trunk swap today (Bee dizzle and J30MAN)

    like the look
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    FS: the rules

    Re: rear visor new york area haha.. :147703263745b138a51
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    Re: SOCAL: Rear o2 sensor, pass. headlight, taillights, remote tail lights shipped to 37210? also, have any pics of them...
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    Hey Guys!

    welcome, and i love the black
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    Is this anyones car here?

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    JTC short shifters - worth it?

    i mean, it's all a matter of whether or not your willing to do the modification to get it to work.
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    P1259 cel, No vtec yo:[

    my guess would be low oil, or clogged sensor. I've driven around w/o the vtec solonoid working for months. I'm not recommending it, I'm just saying....
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    some pics

    nice EK, brings a tear to my eyes.
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    Lowering HELP!!!!

    for starters and limited funds I'm assuming, go with the eibach's. they get the job done, and they're inexpensive while still being able to be called a quality product. We also have the DIY for resolving the boat look.
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    Blacked out tailights?

    Let there be no more assumptions. In TN, the law is as states: Actual laws regarding TN headlights and taillights... Tenn. Code § 55-9-402 (b) (1) Every motor vehicle shall be equipped with two (2) red tail lamps and two (2) red stoplights on the rear of the vehicle, and one (1) tail lamp and...
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    Blacked out tailights?

    do you have proof to back this statement? and not the "my dads a cop kinda proof.."
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    trunk key cylinder wont turn

    on your key faub dont you have a trunk release?
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    02 EX V6--no start, dashboard and radio short

    +1 for disconnecting the battery....