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    Driver soaks kids at bus stop

    wow... just. woow
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    Will 16" rims look good on sedans??

    i say try it, depends what size tires u got, and if ur seriously slammed.
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    Got a few shots from a photoshoot with the homies

    :] yeah man. next time. hopefully before thanksgiving
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    Got a few shots from a photoshoot with the homies

    thanks charels. lets get a photoshoot together with the rest of the sd heads.! yeah man his car is way clean with those. im jealous
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    Got a few shots from a photoshoot with the homies

    nice eddie! loving ur car everytime i look at it. good shots
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    Garage Shoot From SD

    and i got some racing hart c2 replica by bsa, not sure about the specs
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    just a few...

    lookin good bro
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    Strasse Forged IS250 on staggered 20" CF...

    ur pics are always sick! nice car too
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    Which Front Lip??

    honestly think type r lips go really well with that bumper
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    Garage Shoot From SD

    hhaah nah i baught them from a guys here in sd. just painted them bronze
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    Eibach Summer Nights 2009 ***pics***

    lovin every single one of em!
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    [2009-09-20] Yes, that spot again. [56k fail]

    nice nice nice
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    Garage Shoot From SD

    not if the lens is glass. ay hit me up when u want the bulbs
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    First shoot of my car, a quck one

    yeah i like it. u pulled it off with the s2 wheels. lovin it!
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    Shoot w/ friends! ::Wrx & Evo content::

    cars are clean!!
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    Garage Shoot From SD

    nah not fenders rolled. and nah i dont have rubbing issues. im running on 17x7.5 on 205/40 series tires. so they are pretty small and im tuckin the tread on all 4 wheels. but no rubbing issues. i plan to get 45 series tires for the next set of tires ill be purchasing. so ill get back to u incase...
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    Garage Shoot From SD

    first of all thanks. and im probably dropped about 3.5 almost 4 inches maybe? when i put a credit card under my jackstand, the jackstand goes about half way into the credit card (if u could try and picture that) as far as camber goes. i think my tires have been treating me pretty good. as long...
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    Garage Shoot From SD

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    2 pics

    ur car is clean man. when the final product is done. itll look real proper
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    flex pipe leak

    theres no option of an exhaust shop just cutting it off and welding another one in or?
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    Too all drummers

    siiick.u guys should look up ronald bruner jr hes sick to
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    washed my car today =]

    nice nice richie rich