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  1. 2002 EX V6 Sedan

    2002 EX V6 Sedan

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    My Newly Acquired Low Mileage 2002 EX V6 Sedan

    Oops, thread got moved...guess I didn't see the sticky regarding the correct format... At least I didn't come on here asking which intake and exhaust should I get!...:henry:
  3. J

    My Newly Acquired Low Mileage 2002 EX V6 Sedan

  4. J

    Transmission Finally Gone....

    Sorry to hear that. How many miles are on it? Do you know the service history? I'd agree that if money is tight a used one is a good option. Some places may offer a short warranty or exchange option. Make sure to drain and fill it with new fluid and maybe change the switches and pull the...
  5. J

    Pressure Switch Replacement

    No need to remove the radiator hose. You can just push it out of the way. I used (closed end) a 7/8" open end combination wrench and it fit down in there perfectly.
  6. J

    2nd and 3rd Agear Trans Switch Question

    I am in the process of switching out my transmission switches. On my car (2002 V6) both switches have a black housing, but the new ones I received one is black and one is green. I need to know which is which? Here are the part numbers: 28600P7Z003= black 28600P6H003= green Sorry pics...