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  1. Sinful

    OGs post up!

    Missin' the 6th gen fam. I hope everyone is doing well, especially in these crazy times. I still have my coupe, rarely driven these days, but still running strong. and my current daily :
  2. Sinful

    12/2/17 Photo Shoot

    Lookin good
  3. Sinful

    Fotochute 2015

    Merry Christmas friends. Just thought I'd share some photos from my latest shoot. Also, included two #TBT (throwbackthursday) photos at the bottom :]
  4. Sinful


    Thanks for the comments yall =] I miss the socal 6th gen BBQ's :[ Haven't been to one in a while
  5. Sinful


    Had some free time this past weekend to take the DSLR out to shoot some photos of my FR-S after getting new wheels installed. Still have my accord btw :badger: Enjoy..
  6. Sinful

    Sketch o5's 2013 Scion FR-S 6MT

    Re: Sketch o5's 2013 Scion FR-S Looking good. Nice and clean. Get a set of Tom's taillights!
  7. Sinful

    Richard's '02 V6 Coupe EX-L

    Re: Sil2DrV6's 2002 Accord Coupe EX-L V6 Damn, clean as hell. Makes me wanna mod my Accord again =[
  8. Sinful

    Took my Honda to Maaco after a car accident...

    New paint looks great. Any update on them fixing the hood/frame?
  9. Sinful

    damn window visors

    Had mine for about a year now. It's been treating me well. You on FT86club? If not, get on it! Looking forward to your build. Here's mine:
  10. Sinful

    damn window visors

    Looks good. Welcome to the club :favorites13:
  11. Sinful

    6GA Member's Before and Afters

    and how she looks now:
  12. Sinful

    Photoshoot: blackestcoupe, lowdc5

    damn. nice shots and nice cars. what lens for those wideangle pics?
  13. Sinful

    SoCal Meet

    Re: Bi-Montly SoCal Meets Hmm I don't think I had them on flickr. I had them on my smugmug which cost me money, and I stopped paying for it so it expired lol. I can put them in my dropbox, and yall can download em from there. I'll try to make it, and get some nice shots with some new...
  14. Sinful

    RedRyder and Kn0x47 photoshoot

    absolutely beautiful :omgbd:
  15. Sinful

    Fresh Accord! Purple FTW!

    Looks good man. I wish my BCP looked that nice still LOL. Mine got oxidated like hell :(
  16. Sinful

    Socal Sightings!

    that was jason, Accord4U2NV. Spotted a granny gold sedan on the 805 today, gave you a thumbs up.
  17. Sinful

    Our Z - Little spring photo shoot

    So beautiful.. and sweet rig shots :boink:
  18. Sinful

    Photoshoot of my new toy <3

    Picked her up a few days ago. I know, begging for a drop :<
  19. Sinful

    OFFICIAL socal SD meet crown point park

    No HDR, just added some clarity in lightroom. They were pretty clean in person. Thread to my photos from the meet:
  20. Sinful

    **Socal SD Meet 2013**

  21. Sinful

    OFFICIAL socal SD meet crown point park

    Sneak peak: :duckhunt:
  22. Sinful

    ***Night Out!***

    Lookin good :)
  23. Sinful

    OFFICIAL socal SD meet crown point park

    I'll come through with my DSLR and some pizza
  24. Sinful

    FS: 01-02 WW W-type Poly Sedan full lip kit: $300 Pick up Only

    Re: Upper control arm w/ball joint, Mud Guard, OEM parts, WW Kit found your lipkit for sale on CL lol :( glws
  25. Sinful

    Uhhh....yup, got nothing

    Clean as f*