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    My Ride Please Comment

    i likes :)....that's a rare color, i've only seen even a few people on here with it
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    Where are you from originally?

    I was born here, both of my parents are mom is from brooklyn, my dad was born in puertorico,then moved here.
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    [$wap $hop] | [12/29] | [Ft. Lauderdale] | [56K GTFO]

    beautiful cars,lovin the first four :drool:
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    My Sons First Xmas School Play

    haha oh man,i remember in my kindergarten play i was the little drummer boy...congratulations man, im glad you got it on film so you can remember this years down the line
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    V6 Driveby and interior videos.

    sounds good man....what CAI you running?Injen if i remember from your posts? I used to have the AEM V2, it sounded real sexy:thumbup:
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    Petter Solberg Fail

    lol pretty funny, glad he's ok though-looked like he landed on his head-neck
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    [SOLD] 00Accord4cyl's Coupe Thread

    Re: 00Accord4cyl's 2000 Coupe LX Thread (56K) (3/19/08) very nice man, how do you and other guys on here get those snapshots when your driving in a circle? kind of makes me dizzy haha. I like the last picture best :thumbsup:
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    f*****ck! So My Transmission......

    well when my auto trans gives out eventually, im going to do everything in my power to get a manual transmission swapped in....i'd rather replace a clutch every xthousand of miles instead of having to deal with the same problem over and over again.
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    tArebelpinoy's 2001 Honda Accord EX Coupe

    looks good:thumbup:....sometimes i miss my coupe lol
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    ilovevtec's 99 sedan ex 4cyl (56k warning)

    nice car man :) i like flat black
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    Fun With Semi Trucks

    damn man, im sorry you got to deal with this s*** bro...looks like a sign man...most importantly you walked away from this
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    one more reason why subaru outperforms honda

    haha would be fine by me if i never saw another blue wrx with obnoxious exhaust...
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    Christmas+my car=look inside!! updated!!!

    Re: Christmas+my car=look inside!! haha im glad im not the only one who has the christmas spirit...usually more people put up lights outside their house,me and the neighbor are the only one's on the whole block:boo:
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    Quick photoshoot after I finished finals today (no 56k)

    :omgbd: of course, the best color and 4 doors what size tires do you have on? those are the 7 spoke ex rims, no? i was contemplating switching out the hubcaps for those...
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    secret santa gift ideas

    maybe a car magazine subscription? just a thought....
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    mah asia trip! 56K die!!!!!

    wow man, some crazy pictures,especially the hello kitty!!! i'd like to go to a few countries some day, one of them being the phillipines
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    The next JDM???

    haha,i saw that over on cardomain, its a little much for my tastes. I still want a lowrider some day...
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    Detailed the truck today (MOPAR Content 56k no way)

    Very nice truck man, hemispehrical combustion ftmftw
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    Turbo Kit on the way

    I just meant that he should be able to remove the seat quite easy,if he had any knowledge of what a wrench is....shoudln't need a haynes manual to figure that out imo Upload all the pictures you like, it doesn't do anything for me. I didn't say you asked stupid questions,infer what you want...
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    Need Wheel Opinions on my car..

    your car is beautiful,would look great with anything except american racing...stupid tirerack. lol
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    lido quick shoot i promised 56k no wai

    haha, for a second i thought you had 94-97 ex accord wheels
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    Erik's 98' Boosted Sedan (56k)

    Re: Erik's 1999 Sedan LX I think the bumper and hood actually look good that way....they're unpainted right? haha. nice car man
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    cirsurvive711's 2002 Accord SE (56k not winning)

    Re: cirsurvive711's 2002 Accord SE (56k fails) very nice man!i like the blackhoused headlights,keep us updated with that led conversion:thumbsup:
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    Turbo Kit on the way

    :thinking:Im just curious as to why you wouldn't upload or display pics of "said" built engine...or at least something more than a sideshot of a dimly lit garage...and the coupe back seats you just pull out by that doesn't require any hand tools,except your own hands....some of these...
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    What cars have you owned (or atleast drove daily)?

    95 Odyssey EX (learned to drive on this car,wish mom hadn't sold it) 03 Crown Victoria PI (sold,gas=$$$,and that was 2 years back lol) 00 Accord EX V6 coupe (totaled) 01 Accord Sedan LX 4cyl (current)