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  1. kevo

    Kevos Audi Allroad 2.7t

    Yeah im lowered on solowerks i cant complain they ride good. As for winter this will be the first with them on. Im going to raise them all the way up amd slap green grease all over the threads. Read a review/ thread on the longevity of them in the snow they seem to be fine, but next year ill...
  2. kevo

    Kevos Audi Allroad 2.7t

    Yeah the wheels are the light colored blue, one of the guys i roll with was playing with the color whwn he edited the photos lol As for the allroad lets just say **** hit the fan all at once and i had the opportunity to trade it in before things got worse, i could have gotten all tje problems...
  3. kevo

    Kevos Audi Allroad 2.7t

    Whats up fellas, ive been gone out this forum for 2 years and might i say this place has received quite the makeover lol. But yeah i just wanted to share my new ride its a 2013 VW CC 2.0t. So far ive gone stage 1 tune and just a drop on coils. This car is a big step up from the accord and...
  4. kevo

    FS: coupe tail lights(*oem outer*) center light, *wheelLugs*

    Bump, Will be adding magnaflow muffler 3in/4out $50, rear coupe mud flaps oem $25, rear floor mates (coupe) $20 pics for those will be up soon. Pm me
  5. kevo

    GoodBye CG2 :(

    Sorry to here that about your car, let it be a lesson not to stop so close to cars in front of you as well
  6. kevo

    Kevos Audi Allroad 2.7t

    Yeah it is but its whatever I make enough to play the game. So I had canceled my order on my ST coilovers, reason being; thanks to a member on the audi forum he had reported back and said that the ride quality is junk due to the weight of the allroad so best bet would be to get KW V3 and get...
  7. kevo

    Kevos Audi Allroad 2.7t

    Sup just another little update: just got these on friday some factory Audi VW KO3 $1600 jeez Yeah I got them just to be prepared for a blown turbo. I would have loved to get ko4's the bigger better ones but I have a tiptronic and it can only hold about 300awhp and I would not be happy with...
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  10. kevo

    Kevos Audi Allroad 2.7t

    Hahhaha yeah the car hates the cold, don't know why but its a beast in the snow:thumbsup:. Today the A6 suspension hard parts came in now I'm one step closer to coilover conversion! Sorry about the crappy pic I don't have my camera :sad:
  11. IMG 20121115 192649

    IMG 20121115 192649

  12. kevo

    Kevos Audi Allroad 2.7t

    So here's a pic of the car when it sits for a while, it only drops in the front when its 40 and below outside. The front should be square with the back to give you an idea of what it is suppose to look like in the front. But seeing the front like this kinda gives me an idea of what the car...
  13. IMG 20121112 163031

    IMG 20121112 163031

  14. kevo

    Wheel Color Change

    You should really consider that cream color, try it out in chop and see how it looks:thumbsup:
  15. kevo

    FS: coupe tail lights(*oem outer*) center light, *wheelLugs*

    Bump take it all for $75+ shipping
  16. kevo

    Kevos Audi Allroad 2.7t

    So Chris there are 2 ways to go about this conversion, A I spend 2k on so coilovers that have a mixed review and have just a direct swap, or B swap top hats and spring caps and buy some great coilovers that have good reviews across the board and spend 500 less. Yeah once the oem bags are removed...
  17. kevo

    Photoshop Drop Request!

    Yeah it dosent look half bad thanks man!!
  18. kevo

    Photoshop Drop Request!

    They are Kleemann TS-7
  19. kevo

    Kevos Audi Allroad 2.7t

    Oh yeah for sure, but yeah I'm going to run it square all around to save some headaches
  20. kevo

    Kevos Audi Allroad 2.7t

    Yes/ no I've been reading and searching and you can do fifteenth widths, there's some sort of % crap some guy was telling me about wheel width with awd audis, that with going with to difrent wheel widths that they can't exceed 3.4%? Yeah he had me lost right there :lawl:. There is an A6...
  21. kevo

    Photoshop Drop Request!

    LeAccord help me again please: I need you to lower my Audi and put these wheels on I'd like to see if they will look good to me before I start my special order thanks buddy I'd like the wheels white if you could too advance -Kevo
  22. IMG 20121031 195648

    IMG 20121031 195648

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