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    Jdm cf4 fogs

    Hey everyone, It's been a while since I posted here, but I figure why not list it here as well.... Got a set of cf4 jdm fogs that can be retrofitted into the 01-02 coupe bumper. Looking for 120 + shipping. Located in Toronto Ontario Canada. But can ship.... PayPal only.
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    Mikey's 2001 Sedan EX

    Glad to see an OG still keeping up with the scene. Really wish we were all close by still, but it is what it is. I've seen some pics on FB or IG....hard to distinguish nowadays lol. Either way, super happy to see a post on here lol
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    Twofast4u's 2001 Honda Accord Euro R (Japan Import)

    I had a spare set sitting for years in my basement. Unfortunately i sold them about 6 months ago. Will have to keep an eye out at jdm shops or ebay.
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    Twofast4u's 2001 Honda Accord Euro R (Japan Import)

    Thanks man. I actually sold my coupe after returning it to stock to another local member. Since his was cleaner than mine, he used my parts to fix up his I believe. I'm pretty sure most of my parts are living in other members cars here for the most part. If someone tells me the right price...I...
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    Twofast4u's 2001 Honda Accord Euro R (Japan Import)

    Euro R is slightly more narrow than the 6thgen
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    JDM F23A swap

    Yes, Intake, exhaust, PS pump, and upper radiator hose outlet thing. The rest should be plug and play.
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    CF4/CH9 jdm fog lights

    Got a pair of JDM CF4 or CH9 fogs for sale. can be retrofitted into the 01-02 coupe bumper with some modification. Shipping from Toronto, Ontario, Canada. Asking $125USD plus shipping. I can get a quote if you send me your zip code. Paypal accepted! DIY...
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    Jen f23a timing kit

    its the same. Did it on my jdm f23a
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    Twofast4u's 2001 Honda Accord Euro R (Japan Import)

    Yea, there's a knob with 3 settings. You'll see in this pic on the right. The only known issue with this, is that the EPS module is known to die after a certain amount of time. So the less you play with it, the better.
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    Twofast4u's 2001 Honda Accord Euro R (Japan Import)

    Thanks guys. I'll try to update here as much as i do changes. The one thing I'm loving so far is the electric adjustable power steering (theres a knob where you can adjust how firm or easy you want the steering wheel)
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    Twofast4u's 2001 Honda Accord Euro R (Japan Import)

    Hello ladies and gents, I've since sold my 02 silver coupe and have moved on to some more practical (kind of) I've got myself a 2001 Honda Accord Euro r and a 2007 Honda Accord sedan V6 6spd manual. Will be posting more pictures once i clean it up and have more time to do a photoshoot of sorts...
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    J32A2 + 6MT swap in my '01 F23/H23 5MT chassis

    Haha. honestly the 6thgen community is way better than the BMW forum. Everyone there seems to be stuck up lol. Awais, you know me too well..
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    2002 accord f20b swap questions

    yea its actually the p13-a12 h22 ecu you need. I have one and one of my buddies has one as well. Im keeping mine though until i can say i am no longer doing a swap or getting another accord as im parting out my current one...
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    J32A2 + 6MT swap in my '01 F23/H23 5MT chassis

    actually one guy in toronto (local guy) you might have seen him on the fb grps. He had a 4cyl coupe with an h22 and he finished the full conversion from h22 to a j32 + 6spd. Running + tuned. So it is doable.
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    eBay Suspension Parts

    For the struts you posted, they say its for both v6 and 4cyl models. Even though it will fit, I believe the part numbers should be different because the v6 is heavier up front.
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    Happy new year

    I guess I will be hassled coming stateside more than i was before...for those that dont know me personally...I'm brown lol. HAPPY NEW YEAR!!
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    Arista Dual Wiper Blade fit to 6th?

    dont mean to hate, but these were huge back in the 90s and 2000s. My dad had them on all his cars too lol
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    Is the Euro R steering rack a quicker ratio?

    dont know if it makes a difference or not, but the euro-r uses electric power steering i believe
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    New owner 2002 Honda Accord Ex

    yea you can do the coupe bumper swap, but you will have a a little gap between the hood and bumper if you keep the sedan hood. Also the coupe fogs are a little pricey too. I might have mine for sale soon though if you're interested.
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    Removing the Cat

    on my 4 cyl i hollowed out my cat, and extended the 02 sensor. Passed etest twice like that!
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    Mikey's 2001 V6 Coupe

    Got a link to those? Might put them in the BMW.
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    Flip key mod?

    Yes there is. Its in the DIY section.
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    Kn0x47's interior work

    Wow! I absolutely love this. If I was still driving mine, I'd definitely do something similar, but with a different hydrodip design!
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    What'd you do to your accord today?

    congrats for the IA showcase. I honestly haven't been in 2 years....and now a 3rd. Mainly 1. its my best friends bachelor party that weekend and now driving a stock BMW so really no one wants to see that lol.