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    Hondata and the Temp Gauge 2001 Accord

    hey guys I know this is an old post but I'm hoping I can get an answer here. I'm aware that the temp gauge doesn't work with hondata. does this also mean that the ecu (hondata) doesn't know the temp?
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    DShaw's 2000 EX Sedan (56k)

    Thanks for the reply! I've been meaning to get them tinted but haven't got around to it. It'll probably be something around 30% because I don't want to deal with tickets or being pulled over.
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    98accordky's 98 Accord V6 EX

    I hope you recover quickly from your operation. Got any up to date pics of your ride? I was shopping at the junkyard the other day and picked up a positive battery cable from a BMW 3 series. I'm thinking about relocating my battery to the trunk, if not I'll sell the cable to someone who wants...
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    DShaw's 2000 EX Sedan (56k)

    Thanks man I appreciate it!:) In some photos it looks lighter silver and sometimes it's a darker gray. I like the darker look.
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    DShaw's 2000 EX Sedan (56k)

    -BC Racing BR type coilovers, TL strut tower brace -AP1 S2000 steering wheel, Skunk2 weighted shift knob -roof wrapped in metallic black sparkle, EK side markers, black housing hl I've had the car since April 17' (10 months as of now). I'm just looking to make it visibly more...
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    Tips on how to post pics and youtube videos

    Re: Tips on how to post pics Hopefully you can help me. I'm not able to see any photos in the forums. I see a box saying "update your account to enable 3rd party hosting" any idea what I need to do? Thanks in advance.
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    black housing headlights?

    Does anyone know the best way to tint the high beam buckets yellow? I have the Krylon stained glass spray paint to do my fog lenses but I'm not sure how it will work on the chrome reflectors. I'm just wanting to do it for the look in the daytime but I'm afraid it might hurt my light output at...
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    Brakes Failing

    Thanks. It was the master cyl. I should've just replaced it right away but I wasted time trying to diagnose because I didn't want to throw $80 at it and still have the problem. Pedal to the floor and no fluid loss was all the diagnosis I really needed. At least I learned from my own...
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    Brakes Failing

    I just bought a 00' accord ex 4cyl. It drives great and the brakes worked fine on the test drives and for the first 40 or so miles. When pulling back up at home I sat in the driveway holding the brake (slight hill) and the pedal slowly went to the floor. I took it back around the block and it...